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    By Mark_M
    May 6, '07 4:02 PM EST

    Brandon and I rocking it out. I was the "Paparazzi of the event"
    Rock n ROll

    The aquatotter is an annual project done by the Building Science I class every spring semester. They are to design an “aquatotter,” build another teams design, then take the boats out into the James River, and then switch boats in the middle of the river. The event draws quite a crowd every year and this year was no exception. There were quite a few accidents with a student badly cutting his hand but he was okay after the whole incident. The others were caught on tape and pics.

    The Pictures

    Here are the links to the full length clips of the videos

    Team JACK-E's video

    Building Science Video


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      can you share a bit more about what you learned by doing this? did you all have to apply the laws of physics and prove them in each design? what did you learn that applies to building a building? (some older alumnae are reading your blog for the first time and will probably be asking these questions)

      great pics! i applaud you for going "beyond" and doing this blog. this is a FANTASTIC insight into your experiences! also applauds to peronnet--- i remember we did something similar to this during our Material + Methods class. :)

      May 7, 07 12:48 pm

      by the way--- i think you are setting yourself up for a fantastic thesis ... you could most certainly use your digital forms of "documentation" as a thesis topic. dont stop documenting!!!!

      May 7, 07 1:00 pm

      Actually +- I'am not in the Building Science class. However, from talking to some of the students, some of them actually test the bouyant force of their "totter." Thanks for the supprt. By the way you guys were pretty critical at the thesis presentations.

      May 9, 07 12:09 pm


      Jenelle posted team JACK'E on You Tube

      May 12, 07 10:12 am

      looks a tad like Fraggle Rock!

      Jun 22, 07 4:07 pm

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