Diana Lavender

Diana Lavender

Augusta, GA, US



I'm a tinkerer.  I've always wanted to know how things work and how to make it better.  I'm an innovative mind that cares a lot about the community around me.  I enjoy working with others, making an impact and bringing ideas to life.  That's me in simple terms.



Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - Department of Engergy, Aiken, SC, US, Design Engineer

An unfamiliar segment to the general design world, nuclear facility design is a specialty in itself. This job was more technical than conceptual and problem solving driven than actual aesthetics. It combined a complex amount of construction administration, design build and cross discipline coordination. I became more savvy with structural, mechanical and fire protection design requirements when dealing with high level facility construction. Projects included renovations, analysis of existing structures, schematic and diagrammatic design possibilities, future sustainable attainments and protection of radioactive material.

Oct 2009 - Oct 2011

tvsdesign, Atlanta, GA, US, Intern Architect

Jun 2006 - Jan 2009


Hampton University, Hampton, VA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2001 - May 2006


Alpha Rho Chi Medal, 1st Place

In 1931, the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to "encourage professional leadership by regarding student accomplishment; promote the ideals of professional service by acknowledging distinctive individual contributions to social life; and stimulate professional merit by commending qualities in the student not necessarily pertaining to scholarship".

The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is offered each year to over 100 schools of architecture, whose faculty select a graduating senior they feel best exemplifies these qualities.

The medal portrays Athena seated upon an Ionic capital with a skyscraper resting in the palm of her hand. The words "ALPHA RHO CHI" are arranged in an arch over her head.



Areas of Specialization