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    bad fruit.

    By A Center for Ants?
    Feb 12, '07 5:34 PM EST

    i came up with this the other night when i was up late. i did it in a way so that my studiomate could still eat the fruit.


    • therpeuticlotion
      Feb 12, 07 10:37 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      if only the pear had been an orange. it would've fit with the storyline

      Feb 13, 07 3:38 am  · 

      great! it reminds me of The Young Ones episode with the fridge. classic. probably no-one knows what i am talking about - jeez i am getting old.

      Feb 13, 07 6:48 am  · 

      Are you talking about the fridge porn?

      Feb 13, 07 10:44 am  · 

      it was the scene just before vivian pushed neils hippy friend in the fridge. if i remember correctly there was a rotting tomato singing a bluesey song. ..."i gotta ketchup with my life..."

      Feb 13, 07 10:55 am  · 

      bananas are very promiscuous.

      Feb 13, 07 12:30 pm  · 

      yeah, that scene kills me! the veggies rollerskating on the plate is another good one.

      Feb 13, 07 12:36 pm  · 

      this is hillarious... there is no better way to procrastinate than to watch fruit engaging in naughty behaviour.

      Feb 14, 07 5:16 pm  · 

      this is hillarious

      Feb 15, 07 11:05 am  · 

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