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    Beginning of the end of the beginning

    By A Center for Ants?
    Sep 29, '08 9:16 PM EST

    So this is a quick entry before the Bjarke Ingels lecture in 10 min.

    This quarter, I'm in the Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-wow) Studio. We're using the idea of the Entenza Case Study program as the starting point and then creating a new framework to update the program.

    For Research Studio (UCLA's version of thesis), I'm in Greg Lynn's Studio which will have something to do with sailboat construction and materials and using that as a point of departure.

    Other studios are with Craig Hodgetts, and the continuing Make it Right Thom Mayne studio. And the Neil Denari Suprastudio (new for this year) is running concurrently.

    The two other research studios are run by Hitoshi Abe and Mark Mack. The former being an extension of the focus on Tokyo/Japan, and the latter a study in prefab housing but in an "anti-dwell" sort of way. Not my words.

    Updates to come soon...


    • wow. louisville to l.a. ingels must get worn out when he's on these tours. it's a fun presentation, ants. look forward to hearing your comments.

      some powerful studios there. not knowing how ucla works, i wonder will you be near enough to hang around other studios' work or do things remain pretty separated?

      will you be doing individual housing like the entenza case studies, or will there be a different direction?

      Sep 30, 08 7:18 am  · 

      I am interested in hearing more about the prefab but in an "anti-dwell" way...
      Does that mean either; cheap, small, less trendy, or all the above, something else?

      Sep 30, 08 8:24 am  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      namhenderson - I think it's trying to be all of what you mentioned. There's definitely a bent that commodifying this lifestyle amidst greenwashing, sustainability, all at custom costs seems counter-intuitive.

      Steven- not sure about the project program just yet but most likely single family housing. Bjarke seemed quite tired at the follow up dinner after he presented. But the guy was a dynamo and was going full speed for the entire 1h20 of the presentation. Impressive.

      Oct 1, 08 12:40 pm  · 

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