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    Searching for Blobby Fischer

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 16, '06 5:57 PM EST

    So I started thinking about this drawing process as I've gotten more and more involved in modeling these blobs of negative space in Rhino. It seems a bit odd to me to purposefully illustrate negative volumes of the networks we made.

    The networks were never designed as a positive/negative space exercise. Also, the informational value of understanding the spaces seem like, at best, a rudimentary exercise in deriving one form from another.

    Just a bit of the cart leading the horse in my (and a few other students') opinion(s).

    I wonder how many of my professors might actually read this. Hope my grade doesn't suffer.

    And for the record, I do value the ability to draw. This exercise is nice in that respect, but I think it'd be better use of our time to draw something where the illustration process would inform us about something significant within the design or design process. I especially find it annoying as I've always felt that drawings are documents to inform. They have a goal and point. In this case, the actually drawing itself informs very little. And the information that it does convey seems all but moot.

    But what does it mean??


    • myriam

      I hate random pointless derivations simply for the sake of the excercise. This sounds like it would piss me off. Oh well, have as much fun as you can. I say, grab a couple coronas before sitting down at the ole computador, might make the process a bit more fun!

      Oct 16, 06 6:28 pm  · 

      hmmm interesting... how's rhino working out for there? blobbing with rhino can be a pain...

      i know this might come as a surprise, cause im kinda the biggest teknowhore in my studio.. but drawing can actually provide you with a quick way to test out possibilities...

      im thinking about how in our last project, i had to decide on a window scheme for my building, and i had about 4 ideas in my head.. in 20 minutes i drew out 4 the four variations, killed two, modified the two others again and modified the other one once again as final choice.
      the end result of having such a process documented in paper was strangely fulfilling.

      i'd respond to myriam's comment but i too am a bit scared of my profs. reading this. :-P

      Oct 16, 06 7:46 pm  · 

      it sound like your prof maybe is young. If they are, the're still learning what works to teach and what doesn't. If its Roger Sherman, its b/c he's a useless tub of crap.

      Oct 16, 06 8:36 pm  · 

      I have seen the titled refreshed probably 80 times and I only just noticed that it's BLOBBY Fischer. Ha. ha ha ha. I need some sleep.

      Oct 16, 06 10:54 pm  · 

      I don't know the project - but is rhino required? It sounds like a figure/ground type project forced into 3d.

      Are you modeling in Lakers colors for a reason?

      Oct 17, 06 12:26 am  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      I think the problem started to arise because a lot of people in our program came in knowing, or at least being competent in CAD, which inevitably gave way to using laser-cut pieces for part one of the project. Which apparently has never been done before our class. As a result, we had projects that were extremely complicated morphologically. Thus, drawing axons/isos and such were much easier if modeled. Hence Rhino. And so, it's all discombobulated.

      Oct 17, 06 1:41 am  · 

      I think it would have been more clever if 10pm replaced "tub" with "blobjectular piece." I probably would have laughed then. ;)

      Oct 17, 06 11:58 am  · 

      Don't be scared of your profs, addictionbomb. They all drank in studio too. Trust me.

      Oct 17, 06 12:06 pm  · 

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