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    Project 1B

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 14, '06 5:07 PM EST

    New Project!

    But not really. Part two of the first project really. I think it's really just a documentation/drawing exercise. The rumor in the studio is that the school had a problem w/ it's accreditation a little while ago as we didn't do anything hand drafted. So this is to make up for it. Who knows. It's all hearsay.

    We basically have to do an exploded axon of the network project and an iso/axon illustrating an element of the negative spaces contianed within our project.

    As mine is a really nastily curved object, it'll was going to be incredibly difficult to figure out a way to construct it all by hand. Rhino3d to the rescue! Except Rhino nor any 3d modeling/cad program can't really generate true axonometrics. Everything is really an isometric. But an axonometric's distorted perception would make my drawing look incredibly strange and stretched anyway. So I'm sticking to an iso.

    Working model renderings. I'm going to finish these diagrams up this weekend and start inking hopefully Sunday or Monday. I'm going to better illustrate the manufacturing/bending process of the disk in the next iteration. Also the negative space is going to get tweaked and I might show a secondary negative space.

    Anyone got tips on inking? I've drafted w/ pencil on vellum but never ink on vellum.

    Exploded Iso

    Red Blood Cells / Negative Spaces

    I'm so over this assignment.


    • ink on vellum = better not make any mistakes. it soaks in/through the vellum very nicely. you'll definitely want to have everything (not just the basic outlines) drafted in advance as either something to trace through the vellum or in pencil on your vellum before you start inking.

      also, you'll want to have figured out all your pen weight variables in advance. test them on another sheet and set up a system of values. you don't want to be going over thin lines with a wider pen or anything like that after you've started inking.

      i guess the best overall advice is to go slow and (try to) have it all planned before you start.

      i've had good luck lately with the rotring barrels with disposable cartridges rather than the old style where you have to fill the reservoir and wash/prime the tips.

      your rhino renderings look great. hang in there; you're doing some beautiful work.

      Oct 14, 06 5:59 pm  · 

      does it have to be ink on vellum? i would recommend going for ink on mylar. yeah, mylar's a bit more expensive but if you make a mistake, you can always erase, where as on vellum, a mistake is there for good! also, work from top to bottom and left to right (or right to left if you are left handed). this'll keep you from smearing. good luck!

      Oct 14, 06 7:21 pm  · 

      another vote for mylar here.

      Oct 15, 06 1:37 pm  · 

      on the drawing-excercise-b/c-of-accreditation rumor:

      this joint project has been the 1st excercise of the curriculum at ucla for at least 8 yrs and pretty recently the 1st yrs still hand-inked for a few more weeks. the school was never in a state in which there was no hand drafting.

      the last accreditation took place during the 2003-2004 school yr and i don't remember hearing any discussion about whether the accreditation board cared whether we hand-drafted or not.

      i was always under the impression that the reason we drafted for the first few weeks was at least partially related to the fact that the vast majority of us were completely new to all the computer stuff and were not yet capable of doing the documentation that way without sacrificing the purposes of the assignment. requiring all students to ink when some had the ability to print was just a way to keep the playing field level.

      around about 3 yrs ago a large amount of the students started coming in as 1st yrs with previous cad experience and therefor were able to model their joint systems in rhino/formz and trace by hand. however, since knowledge of rhino/maya/archicad/whatever are not prerequisites of the program at ucla, it does not surprise me that they still keep the drafting excercise as a way to ease into the intensity of computer-reliance that will be your life from here on in.

      Oct 15, 06 3:15 pm  · 

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