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    John Entenza vs. Paris Hilton

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 27, '08 4:29 AM EST

    So I'm in the midst of prepping for a midreview that'll happen in about 13 hours. We're formatting our research for LA and the case study houses for a juried review. No design yet, but this will finalize the overall direction and hopefully we should be designing soon.

    Since we're in the middle of putting together stuff I'll update after the review. In the meantime, the Mark Mack research studio is off traipsing across Europe in search of the fab'est prefab. Check out their OFFICIAL STUDIO BLOG for all the goods. Just got a check in from the group and they're in Copenhagen.

    But back to the Case Study program... Now I don't know whether its a grass-is-greener nostalgia, but the dinner jackets, party dresses, and suits in the classic photos of the case study houses seem so nice. As laid back and "modern" as it may have seemed, at least people took the time to look put together. Now every just things they're some budding starlet or rock star which justifies looking like... well... judge for yourself.


    and now...

    This is only relevant as I find the photography of the Case Study Program to be an iconological point of interest that we can use as a cultural indicator. The cultural landscape surrounding the era of the Case Study Houses is often portrayed (in the last few decades) as a time of homogenaiety. If we're to interpret Entenza's program as providing an avant-garde alternative to living, how was it viewed in the mainstream?

    I find Hamilton's 1956 What makes today's homes so different, so appealing? a nice counterpoint to the discussion. Compare it to say the image of Ruth Bass of Case Study House# 20 - Bass house.

    Other thoughts bouncing around are Rowe's idea of phenomenal vs. literal transparency. As an obvious descendant of high modernism, the use of literal transparency is prolific in the case study program. Can we use the idea of phenomenal transparency as a generative concept for the new generation of case study houses?

    No conclusions yet, but thinking things over. I'm giving Rowe another read tonight...

    Other thoughts. I love Ed Ruscha... now how do I bring this into the big picture?

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