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    crumble = rapture??

    By A Center for Ants?
    Jun 5, '08 2:26 AM EST

    i am not a true believer so...

    it has come to my attention via some astute classmates that rumble falls on 6/6 @ 6pm... yep. that's 666.

    this is a live webcam image from our studio...


    • James Diewald

      I always knew i was going to hell.... just didn't expect it so soon. Just think... one day you will look back on all this and laugh (or cry). Either way, good luck and thanks for your involuntary status as guinea pig.

      Consider this a beta version... maybe v 1.1 will be ok?

      Jun 5, 08 5:03 pm  · 

      You know, it DID snow in New Mexico last week...which is sort of like Hell, but with less famous people.

      Jun 9, 08 3:31 pm  · 


      i'm an incoming student to UCLA.
      i was wondering if you could help answer this question:
      what was your end of quarters like? do you just have reviews during the finals week? or is it usually before finals week?

      these are pretty random questions, i know =P
      but my family lives overseas & plane ticket prices are insane nowadays so i need to plan winter break really early..
      it would be wonderful if you could help me answer this. =)

      thank you!

      Jun 20, 08 2:46 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      final reviews occur during the finals week. the actual date during finals may not be scheduled until the middle of the quarter.

      i would just anticipate leaving after finals week as the buildup to the end is intense and you usually are writing papers after you have your final crit.

      good luck.

      Jun 26, 08 5:23 pm  · 

      thank you for the information!

      Jun 26, 08 5:41 pm  · 

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