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    Aug 11, '08 2:37 AM EST

    I know that summer is riding it's way into the fall, but just a few photos to prove I'm doing something. I'm working for a professor right now having jumped from one project to another but in a good way. Enjoying the work and realizing it's the fourth firm I've worked for. It's really nice having that kind of perspective and getting to see how everyone works. There's only one year left for my master's and it's somewhat daunting and terrifying that it's almost certainly the very end of my formal education for the rest of my life. Both excited and scared of the future. But first things first.

    Fun time. Summer's been great to me. I've also discovered that summer TV actually doesn't suck with premium cable. Weeds as well as Generation Kill are my new shameless indulgences. But I digress! So here are some of the recents that are more arch related:

    Santa Monica Glow - July 19th

    High pressure water hit a diffusing disk that sprayed water in this semi-circle. Then projectors that were linked to microphones displayed visualizations of the ambient sound to the pattern in the water particles. Cool but there were too many people and even shouts didn't really visually register so the connection to sound was somewhat lost.

    Trash based mechanized things. These would inflate and deflate. Made out of trashbags, LEDs, and programmed computer fans.

    More of the trash things. These arms would variably oscillate up and down while rotating. Suspended from the ceiling.

    The iconic ferris wheel from afar.

    In the end the event wasn't bad but left a lot to be desired. The art was mediocre at best, but the number of people gathered to see it on the beach late at night gave Santa Monica a really cool vibe. There definitely should have been much more art and it would've been a lot better. But in the end it was a handful of exhibits for a massive number of people.

    Flea Market Finds

    So working has me pumped about making a meager wage. And of course I want to be a good US citizen trying to do my part to stimulate the economy (not to mention being a fiscally responsible young man). So of course I have to go shopping. Clothing is a must and happened to coincide with the Barney's Warehouse sale... zoo but snagged some duds. But the great find was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It's a fun event that I've been to before but never snagged anything I really liked.

    As I was walking today I came across a pair of chairs today that were in the style of 60's Danish modern. I looked at them for a second but thought that the proprietor would want something exorbitant. So I didn't think to bother asking how much he wanted and started to wander away to rejoin my friends. As I stood from my investigative kneel, the seller said he'd let the pair go for $45. Now I had expected the chairs to be at least $100 each, so I momentarily froze. He had made the classic blunder in any monetary negotiation. I felt the haggling adrenaline beginning to surge but pushed it deep down and assembled my best poker/bargaining face.

    Now $45 was pretty low so I knew I could knock of a few dollars at most. So I offered $35 and we split at $40. Granted, it's not really Danish but rather Japanese (big Japan stamp on the wood), but the craftsmanship isn't bad and it was a steal. The caveat was no cushions (that were usable anyway) but that just means I get to pick what I like. Looking at Maharam and Knoll. Any other suggestions?

    I'm sort of digging the Maharam Eames fabric.

    Green Thumb
    Stopped by the California Cactus Center after my successful chair hunting with my friends. This place is enough to inspire someone to become a landscape architect. It's like the first time you ever put on some piece of designer clothing where the cut perfectly matches your body. You realize what you've been missing. This place is exactly the same with plants. I never thought I'd actually enjoy arranging plants but every time I go I come back with some plants and a healthy dose of inspiration. After dinner, I pop on some DVR'ed Generation Kill (which everyone should see if they get a chance, or wait for the DVD) and get to some arranging.

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