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    By A Center for Ants?
    Nov 25, '06 4:51 PM EST

    Monday through Wednesday: 7 hours cumulative sleep
    Wednesday through Saturday: 38 hours cumulative sleep

    Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

    The last crit before the holiday was a tough one. Everyone was feeling a little frayed. Nerves were on edge, and the lack of sleep left everyone somewhat in a daze. Lots of us felt like we were trying to produce rather than design for the last 2 days. I remember posting up my stuff and looking at it and realizing, "Crap, these are not what I should be posting up".

    I know for a fact in my case that the exhaustion has caught up to me and I was definitely making some bad decisions. My presentation was a struggle for coherence through the fog.

    But Thanksgiving! Time for rest, relaxation, football and more rest. I can't believe I'm sleeping almost twice as much every night now. My brain actually works and I can see the ugly carpet in my room again. Got some ideas that are legit ones for the project and I'm reworking the whole parametric thing.

    Speaking of which... it seems to me that parametric design lends itself to biasing the envelope as the major architectural order that all others seem to follow. Even with something say like the H&dM Stadium in Beijing, the structure begins to define the predominant architectural move. Is this something that's built into parametric design, or is are there good examples of buildings that are designed parametrically and not predominantly concerned with envelope?

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