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    Vicious Rumors!

    By A Center for Ants?
    Aug 24, '07 2:58 PM EST

    Word on the street is that there are a whopping 60 incoming M.Arch Is to UCLA as well as approx 15 or so M. Arch IIs. Combined with the new undergrad program, which is rumored to have something like 20, that's a lot more bodies in Perloff Hall.

    Also, word on the street is that the M. Arch IIs are showing some talent. Or was it just that they were attractive? I can't remember.

    All hearsay...


    • ...tumbleweed...

      there are 18 of us MArch II's, ACfA.

      ...but then again, more bodies produce more (and therefore better?) ideas, so maybe overcrowding isn't the worst thing ever?

      Oh, and can you please spread the rumor that we are both talented and attractive? I would love to see the look of disapointment come fall ;)

      Aug 24, 07 5:38 pm  · 

      (I was only speaking about myself, btw)

      Aug 24, 07 5:43 pm  · 

      those scary streets of westwood!

      Aug 24, 07 6:21 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      tumbles i take my blogging very seriously and would gladly spread rumors about hot march2s...

      Aug 24, 07 6:26 pm  · 

      60?! Can anyone say "weed out?" There's going to be a lot of outsourcing this year (open up your wallets, kiddies).

      Sep 1, 07 8:14 pm  · 

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