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    Rearranging deck chairs...

    By A Center for Ants?
    Jun 3, '09 12:33 AM EST

    As we hurtle towards our final deadline (friday) I can't help but get a bit of the feeling that we're all just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The industry's crippled at the moment and anyone who even bothered to put together work samples and a resume hasn't heard anything.

    Meanwhile we're all scrambling to laser cut, 3d print, model, and draft. I'm fussing over little fillets and lineweights. The ivory tower of architectural academia has been a blessing as we're a little insulated from the stark realization of how bad it really is. Those of us that left work to come to school have heard horror stories trickling down the grapevine from former colleagues or smatterings of faculty gossip.

    But first things first. Lineweights and boards. Plan on a very lengthy, perhaps a series of posts, post-graduation on school. It's been a wild ride and a few pangs of nostalgia have been creeping up. But that's usually soon replaced by the morning nausea from lack of sleep.

    Fire up the coffee maker. It's finals time.


    • WonderK

      Yes, ACfA. I'm afraid you kids on the quarter system are showing up fashionably late to an ever-growing party. It's really very bad out there.

      I just restarted this thread....I'm interested in everyone's plight right now:

      Jun 3, 09 1:54 am  · 

      you guys shouldn't worry so much.

      i think in fact you have been too consumed by the very short-lived "Global-Financial-Crisis". for all the apocryphal notes about the future of work and life in general, i think within a few months things will be merging back to "normal".

      the trauma is only relative to the fact that it is only in the last 10 years that jobs have been so abundant and available. so, relax, take a deep breadth and find whatever come you way, as choice and opportunity are just around the corner.

      Jun 3, 09 7:55 am  · 

      dlb...thanks for the refreshing inspiration.
      I am also here at ucla in a similar myopic fussing of weight and measures, amidst so much doubt about its meaning in the scheme of the world.

      I am gonna try that Einstein nap thing today and see if it helps my sanity.

      Jun 3, 09 4:51 pm  · 

      Keep on doing the work and "rearranging," Ants.

      Don't forget: a third of those aboard the Titanic survived.

      Jun 5, 09 1:44 pm  · 

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