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    First Quarter Done!

    By A Center for Ants?
    Dec 14, '06 5:55 AM EST

    I finished / survived!!!

    It's only been 10 weeks but it feels like it's been at least a year. Really incredible. I have to say it's different than what I expected but I loved it. Had two of the best in our studio sit right in front of me (you guys know who you are) and I was just trying to keep pace with them all year. Might not have been right there with them, but I'd like to think I was somewhere not too far behind.

    Crit went fairly well. Discussion went in a direction I really didn't want to go for the first 5 or so minutes. There were a total of 4 sessions for our first year studio, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

    I led off the afternoon group and that was tough. Wading through uncharted waters started awkwardly as we got on the subject of the derivation of the project, which wasn't a big part of my focus. Should've been prepared for it rather than think I could've eschewed the subject. But the convo moved on eventually (after much nervous commentary on my part) and engaged some things that were really helpful with my scheme.

    Victor Jones was very entertaining and insightful, as was Paul Tang. Though Paul mentioned something that was somewhat awkward and I myself didn't feel like was appropriate.

    I'll upload material tomorrow in a followup post..

    Went out for drinks at the W and got Sushi afterwards for a much deserved treat.

    As Something Over There mentioned, the waves are good. I'm headed up to Ventura tomorrow with a studio -mate to slot myself into some barelling A-Frames... about time I got to ride some waves again...

    Oh and thanks to everyone out there that sent encouragement to me. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Very inspiring to know that other people out there are rootin' for me. I'm just doing my best.

    I actually passed out at 10pm after a nice vodka martini and lots of tasty sushi. Woke up for a bit and needed to clear my head of all this anxiety that's been built up over the past 2 weeks. Now it's back to bed.


    • sitting here in the middle of the country, i had no idea what Something Over There was talking about last night. not even an inkling. now i get it.

      Dec 14, 06 7:00 am  · 

      I saw a license plate frame yesterday that said "only a surfer knows the feeling". It's nice to be back in surfer culture again. Enjoy it up there!

      Dec 14, 06 1:30 pm  · 

      huh. Victor Jones and Paul Tang both used to teach at USC (Paul still does). Is Jones teaching there now, or are they just review critics?

      Congrats on getting through the first quarter!

      Dec 14, 06 1:55 pm  · 


      Dec 14, 06 8:54 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      Victor jones is now teaching at LSU and commuting from LA. Don't think he's teaching anywhere else at the moment.

      Dec 16, 06 3:37 am  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      correction: not LSU, tulane

      Dec 16, 06 10:55 pm  · 

      Woohoo, man, we made it through! Get some rest, enjoy your holiday, and I'll see ya next quarter.

      Dec 16, 06 11:24 pm  · 

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