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    And.... we're back OR Tokyo, Japan, Day 0.5

    By A Center for Ants?
    Apr 20, '08 6:04 PM EST

    Back with the blog. Sorry for the hiatus...

    In Japan right now for a weeklong+ excursion for studio. Going to start the touring today (Monday morning). We left Saturday from LAX in the afternoon and arrived Sunday (Japan time) in the late afternoon. Didn't get to see too much as we were all exhausted from the trip and it was dark. Took a bus in from Narita and got into our little youth hostel where we're staying.

    I'm jet lagged so I woke up super early. It's still only 7 am... but I'm compiling a few PDFs right now as we're making a presentation of studio research to Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-wow this afternoon.

    Not much else to report as we're all just getting our bearings still but I'll be sure to keep things going on this end and watch for the blog to turn mostly into photos with a few captions...

    Finally, sorry for the hiatus. The blog is a political monster especially in school. So rather than me getting angry and burning bridges unnecessarily I just took a break until I cooled off. It took an entire quarter. Last quarter was really great though. Last core studio of the UCLA curriculum and I wound up doing pretty well. For some reason though, it turned into one of those projects that's tough because it's simple. Anyway. I won't go into it. On to Japan.


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    • karchitect

      Welcome back!
      Would love to hear more about the Japan studio and the meeting with Tsukamoto.

      Apr 22, 08 11:25 am  · 

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