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    Now do you want to be happy? Or do you want to be an architect?

    By A Center for Ants?
    May 22, '07 3:53 AM EST

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Three weeks left of the first year of the M.Arch I program.

    It's amazing that I'm nearly 1/3 of the way through at the same time it seems like I've got forever. Studio project is going well. It was a bit stagnant for a while as I never really liked (very much) what I was designing. Hard to get motivated. That and tech seminar has been very fun. But I think the three-quarter-a-year thing has me burnt a bit. However, I did finally get a little design epiphany the other night with respect to my studio project so I'm jazzed on it again.

    I wasn't getting much done in studio so I went home to catch Entourage and relax. Lo and behold, a sudden vision flashes in my head and my project makes sense again. Think like Doc Brown, the toilet, and the flux capacitor.

    Right now I'm desperately hoping that I can really crank on the design for the next week to 1.5 weeks and really get ahead on documenting this project. I'd like to have boards that I'm not insanely rushed for. Doing a decent rendering or two might be nice too. We'll see how disciplined I can remain for the rest of the quarter. I know I'll have plenty of other distractions....

    Glimmer of joys with design have returned. Lets try to keep it alive. All in all though, everything's going well.

    Getting comfortable rendering in Maxwell these past few weeks which I think can give me some nice potential.

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    Summer Internship that actually will help me cover the bills
    anyone in LA hiring?


    • Alexander Jack

      Yet another reason Entourage is the best show

      May 22, 07 10:15 am  · 

      having watched no television for nearly 9 months, to decompress from school i found myself watching an entire season of entourage (consecutively) on my parents' hbo on demand...ari is my hero.

      May 22, 07 2:12 pm  · 

      i haven't actually turned on a tv to tune in to a show for years. however, the Halo 3 Beta has sucked my soul. ...mmmm....Bungie.

      May 23, 07 2:16 pm  · 
      Mark Anthony

      good luck

      May 23, 07 10:05 pm  · 

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