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    Wow, done! (almost)

    By A Center for Ants?
    Jun 11, '09 1:32 AM EST

    This will be a quick one as I'm taking very well to the luxuries of "regular" life. Finals was crazy. Absolutely crazy. Never has it been so drawn out and difficult. It also is amazing how things went considering how little sleep I got. But I'd never want to do it again.

    Final jury was equally crazy. The undergrad studio I TA'ed for did very well and I was excited to see their work. Most of them pulled off good projects and I was psyched especially since we got Thom Mayne and Jesse Reiser to be on the morning session of the jury. The discussion was great and I think the kids were a little starstruck at times.

    On our jury included: Eric Owen Moss (who we were unaware was showing up), Thom Mayne, Paola Antonelli, Hernan Diaz-Alonso, Florencia Pita, Kivi Sotamaa, Sylvia Lavin, and a grand entrance by Frank Gehry, who rolled up with an entourage 4 deep. Halfway through my review nonetheless. The jury of superstars attracted a huge audience and it got to be standing room only with people hanging over the upper level railings. More thoughts and image posting soon. But in the meanwhile, I'm getting some sleep.


    • Yeah for superstars!!!

      Jun 11, 09 8:10 am  · 

      Wow, that's incredible. Makes me want to go to UCLA even more!

      Jun 11, 09 9:52 am  · 

      You forgot to mention that Kipnis dropped a baby's shoe on the double height space on us at the end.

      Jun 11, 09 11:11 am  · 

      sweet lineup. i went to rumble monday night and was really impressed by the quality and originality of work. congrats everyone! :)

      even more so now, i'm totally counting down the days til jump start begins!

      Jun 11, 09 11:54 am  · 

      After reading your post.., I remember a song entitled "The way we were" Great post.. Virginia blog

      Jan 5, 10 9:38 pm  · 

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