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    By A Center for Ants?
    Jan 17, '07 4:38 AM EST

    SOMEONE that sits kitty-corner to me with the initials HM is bugging me about not posting and saying i'm lame.

    big post coming. i assure you.

    but short brief of break:
    flight to florida
    home with the rents
    tons of sleeping
    attempts at working
    seeing old friends
    flight back to LA
    bought a bed
    new years
    drive up to berkeley
    go to tahoe
    score some powpow at alpine meadows
    back to berkeley
    flight back to LA
    start school

    in the meantime. the first friday, the AUD and the Arts dept. threw a nice mixer for the grad students. we were actually social. it was strange. and fun.


    • ThriftyAcres

      "the AUD and the Arts dept. threw a nice mixer for the grad students. we were actually social."

      Who is we? Just curious when you say WE were actually social. Are you talking about the two programs or are you saying that in general, the arch program isn't usually social?

      Jan 17, 07 11:01 am  · 

      Those initials are actually P.F. buddy. Good work today, despite the cold matricies of DeCaffe....

      Jan 17, 07 11:58 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      i use "we" in the selfish hope that my other compatriots at the AUD are as lame as I am and don't talk to anyone else outside of the program... it's not that we're not social per se, but rather don't have time to be. which is truly unfortunate.

      Jan 18, 07 12:15 am  · 

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