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    By A Center for Ants?
    Sep 28, '06 12:34 AM EST

    I'm sitting at home post-orientation and still somewhat in a daze. Tomorrow is the first day of class and I feel like I'm still not really realizing it's happening. I've got butterflies about the whole ordeal and the sooner it starts, the sooner I think I'll get over it.

    Tomorrow is the theory class with Michael Speaks. From the current students it seems like that word on the street is that he's an amazing lecturer. One 2nd year's quote was that every lecture made him "ready to change the world". So that was quite encouraging.

    Friday we start studio. Our first few "core" studios are assigned and we don't have a choice. It should be interesting and we (the M.Arch Is) are all somewhat anxious about who we're going to be with. It sounds like we're going to get our first assignment right away and have to hit the ground running. We'll see how my weekend pans out. But I think I'm ready to tackle everything.

    The DeCafe looks pretty decent. The acoustic dampening makes the space 1000x nicer as you can actually hear people talking now. The open house in the spring was incredibly hard to hear anything.

    The new Meier art renovation to the north of Perloff (Arch. bldg) is pretty nice. Nothing spectacular, but it wouldn't be half bad if you were a MFA. Lots of nice spaces to display your work.

    Had an entire UCLA new grad student mixer at the end of the day that was sorta fun but very crowded. Lots of free (tasty) food and drinks. Good beer selection too :) In any case, more to come tomorrow! Supermodernism:... by Iberling apparently is proving to be a difficult book to get, but I found a copy at a local public library (no saying where until I go check it out). So I think I'll grab that until my copy comes from Amazon.


    • kim l.

      i'm a 2nd yr at sciarc and have speaks. he's incredible and super funny. you'll love him.

      you'll do fine your first day/yr! just talk about food when you get nervous or helps haha


      Sep 28, 06 1:30 am  · 

      you can't find the iberling book because our class bought them all out (we had a headstart).

      michael speaks will be your interface to the outside world since you won't get to experience much of it otherwise while in architecture school. what i like most about him is that he is openly critical of this school and the faculty here (SCI-Arc).

      I'd be curious to hear about what his opinions of UCLA are, and how closely your course parallels to ours.

      Sep 28, 06 2:14 am  · 

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