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    By A Center for Ants?
    Feb 6, '07 3:50 AM EST

    Yes, it's been a while since I posted. I apologize. I feel like this quarter has been somewhat of a marathon. This quarter's core studio focuses on structure throughout a quarter-long project. It's a bit tough as the pedagogy has been somewhat confusing. Each studio section definitely is approaching the project from different angles so it's been difficult to talk to others outside of your studio section.

    In my mind, it seems a bit odd as we begin with a "structural matrix" and apply it to a "bias". That being something of a "serial section", "horizontal", "vertical", or "massing/edge" bias. (Not my words). The program has been vaguely given intentionally so that development of a strong structural scheme is devised as the primary concern. To me it seems a bit weird as you start with a structural matrix, and in the Eisensteinian tradition, transform it based on a programmatic parti. However, the deformation of the structural matrix (essentially a 3d cartesian grid) is supposed to be indexed by our structural system. To me, it seems a little foolhardy to assume a series of transformed connective tissue can be equated to structure, unless you have a firm understanding of the existing structural implications or are working extremely deliberately and keep the direct implications of your design intents upon this "matrix".

    Long story short, it's an awkward way to design. I know that a vast majority of the studio has spent the last few weeks scratching their heads trying to get our heads around this thing. Obviously there's a pedagogical intent within the project, but I think it's been diluted enough that it's tough to see what exactly the goals are.

    I was using silicone rubber to mold some study models earlier in the project with some degree of success. Really fun stuff that I got at Hasting's Plastics in samo. But it costs a decent amount at $30 a pint. Very clean to work with and not too many fumes. Just is difficult to mix well by hand and it's super super super viscous so it's hard to get a nice even pour.

    But in any case, back to studio work. My project proceeds with the usual smattering of chaos, panic, moments of false epiphany utter terror, and exhaustion.

    We began the whole quarter with a group project case study. Mine looked at Sejima's Small House which is really quite nice. But there's something about the form that just irks me a bit. Each team presented and we all used the case studies to help inform us about the directions we were going to take with our studio project. I'm looking at Toyo Ito for some inspiration but no pics yet.

    By the way:
    The superbowl sorta sucked.
    I have tons of left over beer in my fridge (who wants one?)
    I saw Tony Almeda / Carlos Bernard at Costco.
    I thought CTU agents were going to arrest me.
    I am really tired.
    I have to do my structures homework.
    Trying to come up with a nice lasercutting pattern for a custom longboard skateboard. Any ideas (on bamboo veneer)??
    Will try to stay on top of the ball in the future.
    Good night.


    • sounds like peter eisenmann's work on his house series...or some kind of kin anyway. very tough project.

      speaking of toyo ito, i went to see an exhibition of "the new real" with full-size mock-up of the curved formwork for a recent project (we were allowed to walk on it), and all his latest structural play. most of it i had seen before but one was may even be useful for you as precedent...

      i don't know the name of it, but he used arches, stacked on top of one another and stretched and re-arranged throughout a distorted grid on the interior to make a quite compelling space. i don't remember the building name but you can see a bit of it in the pic below

      Feb 6, 07 8:36 am  · 

      longboard skateboards = not good

      Feb 6, 07 1:24 pm  · 

      A Center for Ants? I thought you were dead for sure.

      Great to have you back...can't help you with how to move forward however it seems structurally related, however without the "function" of structure. Fun!~

      Anyhow longboard...the nicest one I've ever seen had cut-outs in all those areas that arent' needed in a long board, it gave it a very surreal look to it.

      Post images when you are done..

      Feb 6, 07 5:24 pm  · 
      A Center for Ants?


      loaded longboards are made by my friend that's doing the custom for me. they make insane longboards that are incredibly responsive and lively. i can almost pump the board up an entire level in the parking garage near the AUD bldg.

      the model of board i'm customing:

      and they try to do the least environmentally impacting board that they make. sustainable untreated bamboo. techniques to minimize the amount of epoxy used, etc. etc. good guys.

      Feb 7, 07 8:20 pm  · 

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