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    By A Center for Ants?
    Sep 29, '06 9:14 AM EST

    Prof. Speaks' class will be quite good if the first class is indicative of the direction we're going in. It's essentially a look at architectural theory from the turn of the 20th century to present.

    We're going to primarily focus on Modernism transitioning to Post Modernism (not Post-Modernism; apparently the dash is very important) and on to where we are now, which Prof Speaks likes to call "Supermodernism".

    Readings this time around include the Iberling book I've mentioned, and and an article by Lev Manowich concerning Vertov's Man With The Movie Camera (1929). Screened the Vertov at the end of class. I watched MWTMC freshman year in a film class I took paralleled with some Eisentein. I remember bits and pieces of Kino-eye and such. But that's film. And we're talking about architecture.

    Anyway. Studio tomorrow. We have a studio lottery, we all make a mad dash to the studio to claim a desk on the first year side of things and get started.

    Oh, and I'm posting all of this at 6 in the morning cause I went out last night after class with a few new classmates and we had a nice greek dinner with some wine tasting. I'm of weak constitution, so anything more than say, 1.5 glasses of wine will make me very drowsy. So upon returning to my abode, I promptly turned on the TV to Grey's Anatomy (so embarassing) and fell asleep by maybe 9:40. As I went to China recently, my whole sleep cycle is somewhat still off. I can't wake up any later than 7 AM. So long story short: I'm up.


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      Good morning (it's 10:25a on the east coast...)

      Sep 29, 06 10:23 am  · 
      le bossman

      ah...sounds like the theory class i had with speaks a umich. to bad they didn't offer him a perminant teaching position.

      Sep 29, 06 10:49 am  · 

      and you're's that going?

      I've been trying to figure out who you are.....but haven't yet.
      Don't tell me...not yet.

      Oct 2, 06 2:59 am  · 

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