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    And we're back...

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 3, '07 12:25 AM EST

    So it's all started up in ernest (since last Thursday).

    So my own lineup is programming, structures III, and studio and I'm TA'ing a design culture course. Had a little bit of trepidation as school started. It's not so much the work but the lack of sleep and social life (outside of classmates) that I was a little scared of. I guess I had a nice summer, got to hang out w/ a lot of cool people that I haven't seen for a while. Even made a little bit of money. Naturally a little nervousness was to be expected.

    So far we started studio w/ a really brief sketch project. The premise was based on real-life as there are new undergraduates in the architecture department's new bachelor program. As a result our weekly happy hour has been made dry. So the idea was to create basically a beer fence/garden of sorts all while trying to encourage interaction between the two groups.

    Of course there were your typical maximum surface area fences that were presented and a few other architectural separation devices that most projects broke down into.

    More when I get back to studio and have some photos, but my group did a giant hamster keg bottle.

    The rest of the quarter will be spent on a large scale project that focuses on programmatic analysis. However, there is also a strong sustainable component that figure into. The latter part of the project makes me a little wary as it seems like the overall nature of the project is beginning to be extremely complicated. Not that these kinds of projects don't exist, but rather as a 9 week academic exercise it dilutes the focus of the studio as a whole as we try to bounce around a acheive a million goals with minor success rather than just a few with great success. But it's still early. Maybe things will clear up. It just seems that the intents and direction of the studio project is mottled. I'll reserve any more judgment for later in the quarter though...

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