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    First Project Retrospective

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 14, '06 4:33 PM EST

    So I've caught my first virus of the year. I expect to catch more as sleep patterns are erratic and eating good, healthy food isnt common. The sore throat I had seems to have evolved into some type of head-cold. It's amazing how much fluid can come out of your head. Anyway. I've got my Emergen-C, vitamins, zinc, echinacea, and box of tissues. Game on.

    More on my own project. Here's a shot of several iterations of the pringles (which eventually turned into more of a crustacean):
    (read left to right, top to bottom for chronological order)

    The bottom left iteration carried the most promise, and the final scheme was the one that arrived out of that one. Here's a pretty thing I made from this penultimate scheme.

    The pinching that the bent disk was quite nice, but it was difficult to make work. The connections were nice as I didn't want to use something so deliberate or forced as a notch or hook. I liked the idea that the actual shape of the piece would lend itself towards a natural connectivity.

    The connective possibilities to other "units" (profs liked this term, I prefered the term nodes, as we are talking about a network here, right?) seemed to be too loose and the logic a little too fuzzy.

    It seemed like there was an implied hinge-esque connection in the curved, pinched area of the disk. So I created a male connecting piece that allowed for linking in a linear fashion. Here's a test model in the form of a mobius strip.

    How I made it. Laser cut pieces and bent after being steamed/soaked:

    After discussing at a desk crit, my professor identified the notion that the linearity in a directional network would seem to imply a hierarchy of pieces as some would procede others. Thus, I restructured the piece to include arms to laterally connect to others in a hand holding fashion. And thus the final iteration was born.

    The final assembly looks rather messy. It actually works better while it's suspended as the links are flexible and the structure folds on itself if laying prone on a surface. I pinned it up for the crit hung from a shelf but I neglected to take photos... and now I'm too lazy to set it all up again.

    The Crit:

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