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    A Moment of Respite, or One Down, Eight to Go

    By A Center for Ants?
    Dec 17, '06 1:25 AM EST

    There were many casualties along the way to the final review. This is a friend of mine... I knew him, Horatio...

    That's right. I finished up my first quarter and I'm still alive. I'm really happy with my performance. I'm certain I did my best from start to finish and am pretty happy with the quality of work I did. I'm definitely running to keep up with the best of the class but I think/hope I can keep pace for the remaining 8 quarters.

    By a happy accident a friend was using a headlamp to light his project and on a whim, we decided to test mine. Lo and behold: oooooooh glowy thing!

    So that was a happy accident.

    I went over the review, so onward! Cleaned stuff up on Thursday and Friday. Thursday, I treated myself to some nice 6-8' waves somewhere north of LA and picked em off with a friend one by one. Flying down the face of a wave is the perfect antithesis to slaving away at resolving design issues. This is the only video we really took as the waves were too good and we had to get out into the lineup...

    Friday was cleanup day. But not to be missed! The tower studio with an all-star critic lineup! How many can you name in this picture?

    As they were third years, the jury definitely didn't hold back and it was somewhat intimidating. A few of us first years went down to witness some of the ego eviscerating. Popcorn?

    Good quarter. I'm back at my parents' home in Florida relaxing now. Actually not relaxing, I'm finishing up the Theory paper/exam. It'll be all done tomorrow.

    And with that, I'm taking a break from all this posting until the next quarter. (Unless I happen to see something cool).

    Happy Holidays! Hope everyone's safe and has good times with friends and family. I know I've mentioned it already, but it was really nice of everyone to send the encouragement through finals. here's to another 8 more quarters of blogging! Cheers!


    • strlt_typ

      jury pics always have to have at least one juror with hands on mouth as if in a contemplative state...

      here's a gift...

      to unlock that knotted up brain...if the waves didn't do that already

      Dec 17, 06 1:40 am  · 

      congrats ACfA! have a nice time in G-ville...(right?)...

      Dec 17, 06 9:41 am  · 

      Gee, thanks for calling me to go surfing! I haven't been in the water since I went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

      Congrats on the good first semester. My final review is Tuesday. I'm ready for a nap.

      Dec 17, 06 4:24 pm  · 

      LOL i'm in the picture!! the girl in cardigan=p congratulations on finishing your very first quarter at ucla. it's the hardest and after that it gets easier. have a great break!

      Dec 19, 06 2:56 pm  · 

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