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    what up party people?

    By A Center for Ants?
    Nov 19, '06 3:48 AM EST


    saturday night. and i'm in the studio. (ahem, that's directed at you, professors. note my diligence!) granted. last night i took some time to myself, went out with friends and felt like i had some normalcy.

    even continued it into this beautiful saturday morning. foggy surf session and all. of course i started thinking about the surfboard. and that brought up CNC milling. and inevitably i am back in the studio.

    working on our first project that's a building. quite exciting but i'm finding it difficult to get a solid footing for the start. the prompt seems to leave many variables open ended. so it's difficult to come up with a very self-evident rationalization of process. if that makes any sense at all...

    this evening:
    1) while getting change at the vending machines, a rather sizable rat leapt out from behind the microwave (yeah, there's a microwave next to the outdoor vending machines... i'll let you guys process that one for a bit) and the sound of the change clanking surprised the rodent. it took one giant leap out onto the ground just about a foot away from me, causing me to leap back.

    i grabbed the change and proceeded to buy a red bull from a different neighboring vending machine area. we have red bull in the vending machine. sweet. they must know the architecture school is right here.

    almost one AM... but i think i'm getting somewhere with this building... i think.

    i just realized it's almost 1 am... so it's really sunday. better get back to work...


    • garpike

      Ha those rats. Such characters.

      Watch that Nescafe coffee machine. I once got a cup full of dead ants. Seriously. UCLA Vending Services offered to refund my $0.55, as long as I walked across campus to get it. Nescafe offered me the choice between instant coffee and chocolate. I chose the coffee, probably because the whole stupid principal of replacing the product. I never drank any. Damn.

      Nov 19, 06 4:41 am  · 

      Oh and that was the only time I got coffee from those machines. 5:30 am on a Saturday, before starting my 6am to noon cnc milling slot in the old shop across from the double-height space. I hear that's for the undergrads. Are there undergrads?

      Nov 19, 06 4:42 am  · 
      A Center for Ants?

      underlings.... er grads... will be arriving next year. taking apps this year. i think they're sticking them somewhere in the basement... not sure.

      nescafe is on my shit list. i tried it once. never again.

      Nov 19, 06 6:15 am  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      One time I saw a rat carry half a pizza from the vending machines to the walkway underneath Bunche Hall.

      Nov 19, 06 8:52 am  · 

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