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    Still alive... no relation to puddles

    By A Center for Ants?
    Oct 30, '06 3:38 AM EST

    Ok. Sorry this has been a long time coming. Lots of things going on. The project was partnered so it took a bit more coordination. In addition, I got a nice nasty worm on my computer (by my own fault) so I've had to contend with that. And the Halloween party @ sci-arc was last night which was very fun. Was bartending for a while which was more fun than I thought it would be. Good times. However, I found being 6'-2" doesn't make for a good Oompa Loompa and my costume was somewhat of a bust despite my best efforts...

    However, I'm midway through a full system reformat and should be up and running and post things soon.

    Teaser: Eyechart mayhem coming!


    • i was bartending right next to you...what a small world...and i also heard you got MeMarch's phone number :)

      Oct 30, 06 7:16 am  · 

      ACFA doing his part to foster UCLA-Sci-Arc relations.....

      Oct 31, 06 6:49 am  · 

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