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  • Week 8 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Aug 14, '16 9:38 PM EST

    Summary –

    This week I was able to help design workstations for a large new build office. This was cool because it was a big project and I did most of the work from the beginning to the end. This included drawing the workstations in CAD and then transferring them to a worksheet for pricing using CAP. This project took most of the week. I also learned how to order COM (Customers Own Material) memos so the furniture vendor can test the COM to make sure it will work for the product.


    Focus –

    CBI uses mainly CAD plans and Visual Impressions renders to communicate design ideas to the clients. Visual Impressions is a rendering software that works with CAD/CAP that renders any furniture that is placed into the plan in CAD. Everything is linked so it’s a really easy program to work with. In this program you can chose your finishes and upholstery options and it automatically prices it out for you. We layout the content of the project all in a proposal folder in a universal format that all clients can read easily. This is what we give all clients that communicates the products and pricing CBI has chosen for the project, along with our terms and conditions. For marketing presentations and for all printed documents like solution pages which are included in all proposal binders, the company uses PowerPoint with a master layout. This makes it easy for everything to have consistency and you can just plug and chug information into the layout.


    Meet –

    Tiffany Goolesby. She is our Knoll representative for Tennessee. She handles all the Knoll contract dealers in her region. She has a lot on her plate. Knoll is always good at keeping everything up to date for their dealers including updating the library and updating the team at CBI Knoxville on all Knoll products. Knoll is also known to sponsor a lot of nonprofit events including an event called CornKnoll that Knoll sponsors every year alongside CBI to raise money for a nonprofit organization. She has been really great at welcoming me and making me feel like part of the team at CBI. Plus, I have gotten a lot of Knoll swag from her.

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  • Week 7 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Aug 7, '16 10:36 PM EST

    Summary:This week I had the opportunity to lay out preliminary solutions for a project that has not even started construction yet. This was fun because I was able to let my creativity come through a little and come up with some furniture solutions I thought would work best for the project. I also... View full entry

  • Week 9, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Aug 6, '16 4:38 PM EST

  • Week 8, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Aug 6, '16 4:37 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesThis week, I have been spending much of my time working on a Hampton Inn project.  My coworker and I went back and forth deciding on how to implement our use of 3Form in a recent renovation for this hotel.  Our team wanted to keep the installation cost effective... View full entry

  • Week 7, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Aug 6, '16 4:37 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesLately, I’ve been very busy completing projects; a therapy center, two separate hotels, as well as consulting with representatives from various companies.  One project in particular, Kramer Therapy Center, was especially challenging due to my lack of experience... View full entry

  • Week 6 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 29, '16 3:41 PM EST

    Summary – This week we had an install for a new build relocation for a local business in Knoxville. I helped draw the existing furniture that was being relocated into CAD plans so the installers could know where to place the furniture. Wednesday and Thursday I was able to be on site to help... View full entry

  • Week 6, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Jul 24, '16 9:27 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiessummary:I worked on two major projects this week.  The first was a hotel property from Hilton Garden Inn that needed renovation.  I revised the tile pattern on the floor and started making millwork elevations and details of important public spaces.  Most of the... View full entry

  • Week 5 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 24, '16 7:25 PM EST

     Summary –This week was rather slow to start out again. Our only sales associate was out of the office all this week in Haiti. She is the main one who generates business and brings in projects. In our industry the business is very fluctuating and some weeks are slower than others. I worked on a... View full entry

  • Week 4 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 18, '16 9:33 PM EST

    Summary –This week started off slow and I almost thought that I was not going to have anything to work on. I worked on little miscellaneous things Monday. Tuesday, it was slow but we spent half the day volunteering and hanging drywall with KDM (Kingdom Design Ministries). It picked up on... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 9

    By hstarnes
    Jul 18, '16 10:07 AM EST

    summary.In my NINTH week here at MHM, I spent a lot of time organizing projects, printing off various things, and working some in Photoshop. It is hard to believe that nine weeks have gone by. The information I have learned has been invaluable to my future and in going through this, I have learned... View full entry

  • Week 3 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 10, '16 10:31 PM EST

    Summary –Well this week has been rather slow after the holiday weekend, it seems that everyone headed out for vacation, including our president. I worked on miscellaneous little tasks it seemed like all week. A few of the tasks included checking drawings, checking purchase acknowledgements... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 8

    By hstarnes
    Jul 8, '16 3:27 PM EST

    summary.This week, a new interior designer was finally hired so I have had a much less busy week than the past few. Tuesday, I mainly caught up on some projects that are hot in the office. I have continued to spent a good bit of time on the new build project, too. I have also been working on... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 7

    By hstarnes
    Jul 5, '16 9:44 AM EST

    summary.Monday, I had a meeting with Barbara, Stuart, and Doug McCarty on the new build project (the one I have been working on all summer). We discussed some various design decisions that would need to be made during the week and were given the task of completing a rather lengthy list of... View full entry

  • Week 2 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 4, '16 12:20 PM EST

    Summary – This week at CBI was a busy one with lots of travel. Monday, we started the work week off with our weekly team meeting to go over the coming events within the next week and the projects we have coming up or are currently working on. We then had a project kickoff meeting on a big... View full entry

  • Week 1 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Jul 4, '16 10:20 AM EST

    Summary -My first week at CBI was definitely a fun one! The LeadingEdge Internship program requires that all interns travel to CBI headquarters in Charlotte, NC for their first day. On Sunday, June 19th, I met my supervisor or “boss”, Cassidy, at CBI Knoxville at 5pm and we headed to... View full entry

  • Week 5, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Jun 24, '16 11:16 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesI had many different obligations this week, including several meetings with product representatives, a CEU (continuing education unit), and some site visits to the field for one of my current projects.  The most interesting part of my week was going to the CEU... View full entry

  • Week 4, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Jun 24, '16 8:46 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesI took two site visits during the week to one of the hotel properties our team designed, which was in the final stages of a renovation.  We were sent to place the accessories and adjust the furniture sets for the photography of the new improvements.  It was... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 6

    By hstarnes
    Jun 24, '16 4:18 PM EST

    summary.These weeks keep flying by! Monday was my first day back after vacation, and although it was a little difficult to get back into the swing of things, I had a good bit of things to work on. Jeff, a principal of MHM, and I met about a space off of Gay Street where a Knoxville based company... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, Week 5, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    Jun 10, '16 3:21 PM EST

    summary.This week was off to a much better start than the last, seeing as that Barbara is back and I have someone to correspond with/give me tasks. Monday, we sort of caught up together about what went on last week and mostly I just tied ends up with some tasks that were left open. Tuesday, I... View full entry

  • Week 3, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Jun 8, '16 2:50 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesOur team wrapped up a project this week on two hotel properties that we've been working on since I started here.  It was somewhat stressful at times with the rushed demand to get everything completed on time, but it was also a valuable lesson in prioritizing work so... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, Week 4, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    Jun 6, '16 9:23 AM EST

    Hannah Starnes, IDS 420, Week 4 summary.This week has been very different in that I am the only person who is in the Interior Design department. So not knowing exactly what I’m doing all week has sort of been a challenge. Monday, I had a few emails from Barbara on some things I needed to... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, Week 3, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    May 27, '16 9:26 AM EST

    summary.In starting my third week, I feel as though I am finally developing a schedule and the whole 9-5/6 every day thing is becoming less and less depressing. Monday, I worked on a finish schedule for a middle school. This, surprisingly took me ALL day Monday, and nearly ALL day Tuesday. I... View full entry

  • Week 2, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    May 23, '16 12:13 AM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesI've become really well-adjusted to my workplace this week through collaboration with other team members.  I worked on a hotel project that I became familiar with during my first week at the firm alongside two of my coworkers to fastidiously edit and revise our... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, Week 2, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    May 20, '16 4:18 PM EST

    summary.Week two at McCarty has been off to a quick start just like my first one! Monday I worked on renderings for the office renovations here at McCarty. This involved me going into the Revit Model, selecting views, and then rendering them from there into Photoshop. I had never done any sort of... View full entry

  • Week 1, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    May 18, '16 3:37 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activitiesIt is my first week working at my internship with Ballard Design Group and I've already been able to tremendously expand my knowledge about the firm dynamics here.  My first day was spent training and observing other members' work at the firm.  I was immediately... View full entry

  • Hannah Starnes, Week 1, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    May 13, '16 12:19 PM EST

    summary.After my first week here at McCarty Hosaple McCarty, I have already completed multiple tasks. On Monday, the other Interior Designer, Natalie, and I worked on renderings in Photoshop for an upcoming meeting. I spent a large portion of the day working on the renders but I also spent a lot... View full entry

  • Week 9: CBI & KDM

    By jeshedge
    Aug 14, '15 10:30 AM EST

    This week, I finished up stocking the materials library, and ridding it of 2013 price lists. Tuesday, should have been a very exciting day for me, I was finally getting to install a display that I had designed and made. It consisted of a 10’ x 10’ tapestry, promoting a Knoll chair, as well as... View full entry

  • Week 8: CBI

    By jeshedge
    Aug 10, '15 12:41 AM EST

    This week, on top of my normal tasks, I reorganized the materials library. This included updating product binders, finding new ways to store samples, and making it all fit. This process took up most of four days, and the library now looks BEAUTIFUL. Presentations are tailored to be different for... View full entry

  • Week 7: CBI

    By jeshedge
    Aug 10, '15 12:41 AM EST

    This week, in the world of furniture, I was able to work on a response to a bid. This took up my entire week. My job on this project was to create specification pages for all of the furniture. These specifications included lead times, warranties, finish options, and basic characteristics. During... View full entry

  • Week 6: CBI

    By jeshedge
    Aug 10, '15 12:35 AM EST

    This lovely week, I worked on some things for Chattanooga, although I mostly focused on things for Knoxville. First off, I worked on a bid creating specification pages for products, and then I checked drawings for a different project. Learning how to check drawings has been a bit of a challenge... View full entry

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