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  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 5

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 1, '15 12:06 PM EST


    This week was a short week because of the 4th of July holiday. I continued to archive and organized certain projects, as well as sort through American Made Nominations. Kevin was away this week, so there were not a lot of new, exciting projects to help with. Most of the tasks I was completing were related to things I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. This week the interns all went to a New York Mets game, against the Chicago Bears. Working at such a large company with a big name has a lot of perks!

    The month of July should be interesting, because I will be organizing and attending a lot of Fall photo shoots.



    Everything at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. is done in house (aside from actually printing the magazine and some of the photo shoots). As far a project costs, fees and budget management there is a team of people who are in charge of handling this. Since the company has been around for so long, and it is very well established there is an estimated cost for each project that is allotted. However, like I mentioned in my write up from last week, everything is subject to change once the company is acquired fully.


    Kevin Sharkey is my supervisor. He is Senior Vice President, Executive Editorial Director, Decorating & Creative Director, and Merchandise Director. He is the head of three departments, so I am very lucky to work for him. He is an extremely busy man, always having meetings as well as attending them. Kevin is Martha’s right hand man, so she is always around his office and vise versa. Kevin is the final say on most things, right before it goes to Martha for her final approval. They are also best friends outside of work and often go on trips together to The Hamptons and other places.

    Kevin came to MSLO in 1995 from another interior design firm. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Architecture. He is truly a creative expert.

    Also his Instagram is very cool. He is currently on vacation on the coast of Italy, so he’ll probably be posting lots of pictures.

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  • Week 4

    By sspears5
    Jun 29, '15 11:18 AM EST

    This week was a pretty average week for NOI.  We continued working on the various projects we have in house at the moment.  Ruth came in from Nashville for her bi-weekly meeting with Amy.  I have dealt a lot with updating the resource room, contacting reps to replace outdated material.  NOI... View full entry

  • Week 5

    By awebb33
    Jun 29, '15 8:26 AM EST

    SESCO has a whole team that handles purchasing. Lighting Reps, quotes, customer service, and the project manager all deal with the purchasing of lights. We work with the architects, owners, and engineers to make a finish schedule. Then we give them an estimated quote. We use that finish schedule... View full entry

  • Week 2: KDM/CBi

    By jeshedge
    Jun 28, '15 11:31 PM EST

    Week 2:            For my second week interning, I began at the Charlotte CBi office, where I received training with the other four company interns. This training lasted until Tuesday, and included basic technology training as well as experience working on the finishing touches with a... View full entry

  • Week 1 KDM/CBi

    By jeshedge
    Jun 28, '15 11:29 PM EST

    Week 1:            This week I worked at Kingdom Design Ministries, a nonprofit that renovated bedrooms and bathrooms for children with disabilities, from Tuesday till Saturday. The week started off with an overview of what the nonprofit does and then transitioned into demolition and... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod- Week 5

    By meggieherod
    Jun 28, '15 11:25 PM EST

    This past week was a little different. I didn't have to open the mail or anything, I was told to let the other intern Ali do that because I had to focus on making a furniture powerpoint presentation. The presentation took me 3 1/2 days to fully make. It was about 200 slides and over 3 buildings... View full entry

  • Week Four at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jun 27, '15 9:57 PM EST

    Geneva FrankWeek’s Summary:On Monday, the main construction of the firm's renovation took place at the office, taking down some office walls and moving most of the materials library to one complete place in order to make selecting materials an easier task for the designers. I’ve been working... View full entry

  • Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 6

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jun 26, '15 3:17 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:This week was really interesting because I got to go on a job site.  It was the John C. Tune air port job site.  Feltus Hawkins was hired to redesign the interiors, but the exterior and runways are getting revamped as well.  Since we have been on construction sites... View full entry

  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 4

    Erin McLevey
    Jun 26, '15 10:03 AM EST

    Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 4WEEK'S SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES:This past week at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. was a very interesting week because the news came out that Martha Stewart is selling her company. Everyone was very curious what... View full entry

  • Week 4

    By awebb33
    Jun 22, '15 8:32 AM EST

    SESCO is a specific market. Firms, engineers, contractors, and designers come to them about lighting. How we market is a little different. We advertise by being there and interacting with clients. We do a lot of meetings with them or just taking them breakfast or lunch. It is all about building... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod Week 4

    By meggieherod
    Jun 21, '15 11:55 PM EST

    Week SummaryThis past week I did my usual duties, ordering samples, pulling fabrics, tiles etc. for designers to choose from. One new thing I did was update a submittal log for one of the designers. I had to go in to AutoCad to look at the finish schedule and organize it in an excel sheet. This... View full entry

  • Week 3

    By sspears5
    Jun 21, '15 6:35 PM EST

    At the first of this week, Amy was in Chicago for Neocon, so I worked on my own while she was gone.  During that time, I met with two clients about their projects, continued working on updating the resource room, and explored additional options in other projects I am working on.  When Amy got... View full entry

  • Week Three at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jun 21, '15 11:34 AM EST

    Geneva FrankWeek’s Summary:This week was a busy one. It went by very fast. At Boulder Associates they’re getting me to assist on a great variety of projects. On Monday, I finished the rendering that was going to be presented in Florida the next day. The furniture had changed in the... View full entry

  • Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week of June 15th

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jun 20, '15 6:00 PM EST

    Week’s Summary of Events:This week I scanned quotes and invoices to keep on file for furniture orders. I also made material trifolds for the John C. Tune Airport from the material sample I had previously ordered. This week there were multiple big clients coming in that we were pitching to so... View full entry

  • Week 3

    By awebb33
    Jun 15, '15 1:57 PM EST

    I will speak for the office that I am currently at for this summary. I work with a certified architect and a certified lighting designer. We also have employees that specialize is photo-metric studies and other lighting specifications that we may need. They are involved in AIA heavily. We provide... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod- Week 3

    By meggieherod
    Jun 15, '15 12:25 AM EST

    Week 3 I have done my usual jobs plus more. I ordered a ton of more samples of fabrics, tiles etc. I covered up furniture on a PowerPoint presentation so that it would not show on the plans. I added artwork labels and arrows pointing to wear they go in AutoCad. I added dimensions in a PowerPoint... View full entry

  • WEEK FOUR: (June 14 2015)

    By brettworth
    Jun 14, '15 11:40 PM EST

                As week four comes to an end, during the week I worked with Sketch Up all through-out the week creating models for different projects. My supervisor was on vacation this week so I was set out to project hop all week helping everyone with whatever models they needed built. I was... View full entry

  • Week Two at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jun 14, '15 1:17 PM EST

    Week 2 - Geneva FrankWeek’s Summary:This week at Boulder Associates went by super fast. I was included in a lot of exciting things. On Monday, I was asked to sit in on a four-hour client meeting. The project, "Lakeview Health: Drug and Alcohol Rehab," is in Jacksonville, Florida. Susan, the main... View full entry

  • Week 2

    By sspears5
    Jun 13, '15 3:42 PM EST

    This week was another busy one at NOI.  We have numerous projects we are working on right now, several of which have been handed over to me.  Wednesday afternoon, we had a meeting with sales representatives from one of our suppliers.  Thursday afternoon was spent going on site visits and client... View full entry

  • Week Summary

    By awebb33
    Jun 8, '15 3:10 PM EST

    Firms and engineers that we work with come to us when they get new projects. We give them a schematic design and budget to start showing to the contractor and owner. Photo metric studies are done to decide which lighting is best for each projects. The scale of projects range all over so there... View full entry

  • Week One at Boulder Associates Architects

    By gfrank1
    Jun 6, '15 11:22 PM EST

    June 1 - Geneva FrankI started my internship at Boulder Associates Architects today. I entered the office at around 8:00 am and was greeted by Erika, the Human Resources Coordinator that had arranged my interview and whom I had been in contact with while figuring out the logistics of the... View full entry

  • Welcome!

    By Tim Dolan
    May 28, '15 10:05 AM EST

    You've found our Blog! I'm excited to share your internship experiences and am looking forward to seeing your growth! This is where you will share your Journal Assignments and other applicable information. As always, If you have issues or questions, drop me a note.tim.  View full entry

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