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    Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 8

    By hstarnes
    Jul 8, '16 3:27 PM EST


    This week, a new interior designer was finally hired so I have had a much less busy week than the past few. Tuesday, I mainly caught up on some projects that are hot in the office. I have continued to spent a good bit of time on the new build project, too. I have also been working on desk/furniture configurations for Jeff. Furniture configurations are something we do not focus on too much in school, and to anyone else, they feel like second nature. It has been a seemingly challenging task to think about every aspect with the systems.  I have already learned so much in Revit but still, I feel like I know nothing! This internship has been really critical to my learning so far, and I have been really thankful for that.



    For the most part, as far as presentations go, MHM has many different facets of ways to present. Some people in the office have incredible hand drafting skills, so for them, it is just as easy to hand draft as it is to pull something out of Revit. For most others, drawings are pulled from Revit and placed on certain presentation titleblocks. It is not uncommon for us to have precedents of materials that are used in a different application to show the client either. Formatting of the presentations does change based on the phase. Mostly in schematics, presentations are on 11x17 like sheets, when in DDs we move to bigger full size sheets. Most people in the office use Revit and then apply some sort of Photoshop to the final drawing. At MHM, we have just about every program you could need; Revit, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Sketchup.


    meet someone new.

    The new interior designer’s name is Erin Metelka. She, too, graduated from UT and just moved back to Knoxville from Memphis. It is really exciting to not have an empty desk next to me anymore, and I have enjoyed having someone else in the office to ask all of my Revit questions to.   

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