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    Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 9

    By hstarnes
    Jul 18, '16 10:07 AM EST


    In my NINTH week here at MHM, I spent a lot of time organizing projects, printing off various things, and working some in Photoshop. It is hard to believe that nine weeks have gone by. The information I have learned has been invaluable to my future and in going through this, I have learned how critical an internship can be. There are so many ins and outs to this business that are physically impossible to learn in school and I am so grateful to have learned just a few of them here in the past few months.



    “MHM’s collaborative effort between the design team and the client is paramount to the success of the project. The design process is balanced by research, observation, and introspection. MHM has found that a personal, collaborative approach is the most successful means of integrating the client’s unique requirements. Ultimately, MHM is dedicated to enhancing a client’s culture, image, and brand while balancing a project’s complex parameters.”


    When I asked Doug McCarty his thoughts, he said that all in all, the importance of teamwork and collaboration combined with the honesty and intention of program and the use of materials, is really what brings a project to life and successfully meets the end user’s needs.


    meet someone new.

    I have been in meetings with Doug and been alongside Barbara and Doug on projects all summer long, so Doug isn’t really someone “new.” But his character and drive is really evident in every aspect I have seen him in around the office. It is really clear to see how him and his father have made MHM so successful around Knoxville. 

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