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    Meggie Herod- Week 3

    By meggieherod
    Jun 15, '15 12:25 AM EST

    Week 3 I have done my usual jobs plus more. I ordered a ton of more samples of fabrics, tiles etc. I covered up furniture on a PowerPoint presentation so that it would not show on the plans. I added artwork labels and arrows pointing to wear they go in AutoCad. I added dimensions in a PowerPoint of each piece of furniture that is going to be used in a project. I changed some red lines markups in AutoCad for a designer. 

    Getting to know someone new. 

    Jennifer Glass is a president and a principal at IDA where she has been since 1999. She got her degree at MTSU. She travels all the time for work. When the designers pick out finishes for a project they have to run it by Jennifer first to get her approval. Just last week she went to Nevada and became a registered interior designer there. 

    Week 3 focus. 

    IDA encourages their designers to become registered licensed interior designers. They will reimburse their workers for taking the exam if they pass it. They coordinate with the typical workers it takes to complete project: clients, contractors, architects, and other companies for the finish details such as fabric companies, furniture companies, cabinet manufacturers etc. The designers indeed are involved in life long learning. 2-3 times a week we have vendors come to our work to show us their new lines of whatever they sell, so IDA always tries to be on top with the new trends. The designers individually are also pushing themselves for example as I mentioned earlier Jennifer Glass just became a registered interior designer in the state of Nevada. 

    At IDA we recycle. There are bins located in the office to put our recyclables. This is an act of community service. We also have a designer who is also a teacher part time. 

    I have not yet seen any conflicts. But there was an issue on Friday. I had made some markups in AutoCad for a designer and when she printed the plans certain lines I made did not show up. I had drawn them on the wrong layer. Oops. 

    IDA specializes in nursing homes so we are always following the code of ethics to ensure health and safety for our clients. For example, I had to look up a code for a designer to see if a certain type of ceiling material was permitted to use in a kitchen.

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    • Not sure recycling qualifies as "act of community service". Maybe if you were doing community education re: the value of recycling... Also what does "ceiling material" have to do with a code of ethics?

      Jun 16, 15 8:59 pm  · 

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