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    Meggie Herod- Week 9

    By meggieherod
    Jul 26, '15 11:21 PM EST

    Weeks summary:

    On top of my daily duties, this week I was putting a presentation board together. Some clients like us to make them a large board with the materials and finishes that are going in the renovation laid out nicely. I had to order 1 yard samples of all the fabrics and small samples of tile that will be used. I placed them on the boards according to how they will be in the space, for example, the drapery fabric is rolled up and placed along the far left edge of the board, pillows/chair upholstery is made to look like little pillows and placed on top of the carpet in the space. I will spend this next week finishing the boards.


    Getting to know someone new:

    One of the designers I do a lot of work for is Cameron Fort. She is a very organized and on top of things person.I enjoyed helping her out this summer. She graduated from O'More College of Design. In the past she has worked at Restoration Hardware, which happens to be one of my favorite home retail stores. Cameron was just promoted to be the Director of Design at IDA!


    Week Focus:

    On IDA's website you will read that our staff designs to show warmth and sensitivity for our clients. Senior living is a mixture of commercial and hospitality, they have to design to meet the needs of both of these to create areas that are inviting, not to homey and not to office/patient care like. They tend to the needs of each individual and have to be careful when choosing what is going to go in the space. We use a lot of crypton fabrics so that they are easily cleaned and wipeable, there can not be any breakable accessories, fabrics can not have eye shaped patterns because it might scare some of the patients, for memory care areas we use paint to highlight areas so the patients will associate rooms with the color they see etc. 

    This internship has been a great experience and I have enjoyed it very much. I have learned a lot by working with designers in a firm. Even though my 9 weeks is up now I still have the opportunity to work for two more weeks with IDA!

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