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    WEEK FOUR: (June 14 2015)

    By brettworth
    Jun 14, '15 11:40 PM EST

                As week four comes to an end, during the week I worked with Sketch Up all through-out the week creating models for different projects. My supervisor was on vacation this week so I was set out to project hop all week helping everyone with whatever models they needed built. I was first to build an outdoor plaza area to show context around the space we were building. I also had to model a lobby area and a break room for a law firm to show the new layouts of their building.

                During the week my focus was to just model the spaces for different projects and look at them in a 3 dimensional space to help model the rooms.

                One of the people I met this week was Aaron. Aaron is another intern for the summer but he was also an intern last year for ASD as well. Sense this is his second time interning at the same firm, he helps on a lot more projects but he will be going into his third year of school this semester so he works more on Photoshop and 3D modeling. An interesting fact I found about him was that he has never been to the beach before.

                ASD markets their work and gains news projects normally due to previous projects and they have returning clients. They do work in every field except for health care. They do a majority of their work in house at the Atlanta office as well as accounting. The Atlanta office will help the smaller offices around the area on any projects they need help reaching a deadline on. The link to the company’s website is below.

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