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    Week Four at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jun 27, '15 9:57 PM EST

    Geneva Frank

    Week’s Summary:

    On Monday, the main construction of the firm's renovation took place at the office, taking down some office walls and moving most of the materials library to one complete place in order to make selecting materials an easier task for the designers. I’ve been working on furniture placement in Revit for a hospital design. I also was able to help Tatyana with a bathroom tile design for a medical office building. I’m really enjoying working with all of the different designers at the firm. I’m being exposed to how they approach creativity in various ways. I met with Lydia to discuss the materials selection I had made regarding a cancer center she is designing, and am going to order more color ways regarding the wall coverings. In between my scheduled tasks I have been refilling and organizing the material’s library creating relationships with the material reps that Boulder Associates uses.


    Week’s Focus:

    This week’s focus is on Marketing. To learn about my firm's strategy, I asked Michelle, who works for the firm in California, and then Chin, who works at the firm in Boulder. They both work in the marketing department. Boulder Associates' strategy is to identify and target potential clients who would be a good fit for them. They then reach out to their senior executives, directors, or leaders for opportunities to present their expertise and service to them, which they hope will put them in a position to win work from them. Once Boulder Associates is given an opportunity to work on a project, it is a matter of providing excellent design and service, and the best advice to the client to ensure that they not only become a repeat client, but also their trusted advisor. They maintain the standard marketing tools: a website,, social media, print, and online marketing materials to showcase our work to potential clients who either seek them out or are recommended to them by industry partners.

                Boulder Associates is a 100% healthcare design firm; its work focuses solely on the healthcare market.  Projects consist of ambulatory care centers, hospitals, medical office buildings, surgery centers, senior living residences, behavioral health facilities and so much more.

                The firm has a strategic plan that is revisited annually by the leadership at the board level. It lays out the broad vision for the firm, and annual objectives, or areas of focus that lead staff towards the vision.

    Boulder Associates also has its own in-house accounting department, which deals with expenses, time sheets, salaries, and other financial tasks. 


    Getting to Know Someone New:         

    This week, a new interior designer named Anne began employment at the firm. She attended Colorado State University, and has worked at a small firm in Cedar Springs, Colorado for the past three years. She is very happy to be at Boulder Associates because it is located closer to her family. It’s nice that there is also someone else who is a new member of the interior design sector at the firm. We will be able to share similar questions, and learning experiences. She is a very pleasant person, and already fits right in at the firm. 

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