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    Week 3

    By awebb33
    Jun 15, '15 1:57 PM EST

    I will speak for the office that I am currently at for this summary. I work with a certified architect and a certified lighting designer. We also have employees that specialize is photo-metric studies and other lighting specifications that we may need. 

    They are involved in AIA heavily. We provide lunch and learns for firms and engineers frequently. They are involved a lot in the design community doing dinners, lunches, or happy hours.

    The most recent conflicted I have resolved is a down light for the new UTK Dorm. The light that had been selected did not work well with the ceiling type that was specified. I had to find an alternative lighting option that would work with the ceiling type, produce the same amount of light, be a certain brand, and be in the same cost range. Unfortunately that was not possible to have everything they asked for. This was a give and take situation. I was to resubmit that lighting fixture back to the owner, and they were good with my choice and explain the best option and why. Luckily they were good with what I chose and the problem was resolved quickly. 

    We are big on client care and fix any problems without hesitation. Our manager will pay out of our pocket to fix anything we mess up. We also have a team to help with anything that could go wrong and they are great are getting to the bottom of things.

    We are always to be in a professional manner but having fun is a must. We have to entertain our clients as well as help them. The office culture is great and truly feels like a team. I think this is what also helps them be so successful with what they do. Anytime that I have needed help with anything everyone is willing to teach me, which is great. 

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