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  • Week 5: CBI

    By jeshedge
    Aug 10, '15 12:34 AM EST

    For the first part of this week, I was in Charlotte for product training. During this training, we learned almost everything there ever was to know about open plan systems and electrical planning, such as how each piece works together, and how you can determine what electrical systems work best for your client.  While in Charlotte, all of the interns were able to spend some time with the founder of CBI, and get to know the staff a bit better. This was a really great experience, due to the fact that we were able to ask questions and figure out how everyone got to where they are. When we arrived back in Knoxville, we hit the ground running on several projects. My first task was to update our projects we had been working on before we went to Charlotte. I then started working on a project for our Chattanooga office, assisting them in any way possible.


    Fortunately, we are the company that every sends their bids to.


    Meet Renee,

    She is the face of CBI in the Knoxville community, constantly working with clients as well as business professionals. Her favorite snack is peanut butter pretzels.

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  • Week Nine at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Aug 2, '15 5:06 PM EST

    Week’s Summary:This is my ninth week at Boulder Associates Architects in Boulder, Colorado. At the beginning of the week I completed the three finish boards for Lydia that were being sent to the client on Tuesday for Yampa Valley Medical Group. It was a wonderful experience because during the... View full entry

  • Week 9

    By sspears5
    Jul 31, '15 2:28 PM EST

    This week, our new designer started.  Monday morning, Amy, Debbie, and I met and went over all of the projects I have worked on this summer so that Debbie can prepare to take over them after today.  We discussed all of the work that has been done on the projects up to this point, including the... View full entry

  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 9

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 29, '15 10:20 AM EST

    WEEK’S SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES:This week I did my usual tasks such as working on the social media project and sorting through our book and magazine library/inventory. I had to contact people about ordering new books and magazines and continue to update our database and library with what we have... View full entry

  • Week 9

    By awebb33
    Jul 27, '15 8:44 AM EST

    It is my last week here at SESCO. This has been an amazing experience and the knowledge I have gained is unreal! I am very sad to leave. It is like a family and having fun is the biggest priority. I would definitely work for them in the future. I have traveled so much and met so many awesome... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod- Week 9

    By meggieherod
    Jul 26, '15 11:21 PM EST

    Weeks summary:On top of my daily duties, this week I was putting a presentation board together. Some clients like us to make them a large board with the materials and finishes that are going in the renovation laid out nicely. I had to order 1 yard samples of all the fabrics and small samples of... View full entry

  • Building a Mock-Up Room with Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jul 26, '15 10:26 PM EST

    Geneva FrankBuilding a Mock-up for Littleton Adventist HospitalOn Tuesday, we drove to Littleton, Colorado to spend the day building a life-size hospital room to get the staff’s feedback. Boulder Associates has done a few of these in the past and wants to start doing more because it really... View full entry

  • Week Eight at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jul 26, '15 10:22 PM EST

    Geneva FrankWeek’s Summary:This week was an exceptionally busy week. Not only was it my birthday, when a group of people from the design firm took me to dinner to celebrate, but I also visited a few new sites, and participated in different design processes. I went to Littleton Adventist Hospital... View full entry

  • Week 8

    By sspears5
    Jul 26, '15 7:31 PM EST

    Since Amy was on vacation last week, this week was rather busy trying to get caught up on jobs.  Most of the week was spent in one meeting or another, both working on new and existing jobs.  Amy also hired a new designer.  Since she starts on Monday, I spent time sorting through my files and... View full entry

  • Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 9

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jul 26, '15 6:50 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:This week was my final week were I continued my previous duties and went onsite to the John C. Tune Airport again to check up on the progress that has been made and see everything one last time before I was finished with my internship at FH.  The airport terminal was... View full entry

  • Week 8

    By awebb33
    Jul 24, '15 10:24 AM EST

    SESCO does a lot of lunch and learns or happy hours to show new lighting fixtures to our clients to give them ideas for future projects or projects that are currently getting designed. Regular meetings also take place when picking out fixtures or discussing pricing and budget. They use renderings... View full entry

  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 8

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 23, '15 6:39 PM EST

    WEEK’S SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES:This week was my 8th week, and it was mostly spent on tasks I have already started. I continued to do archiving for the Martha Stewart Living and Wedding library. I continued to contact people regarding old missing issues, and went around collecting those issues from... View full entry

  • ASD ROUND UP: (July 19 2015)

    By brettworth
    Jul 20, '15 12:40 AM EST

          I apologize in advance for not updating you on the last few weeks of my internship. However, it has now come to the end and I have decided to update you all on how the last few weeks have been and a final thought on the entire experience. The past 9 weeks of my summer have been like no... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod - Week 8

    By meggieherod
    Jul 20, '15 12:10 AM EST

    W   Week summary. Typical duties. This week we were in a huge rush for a presentation. There were 3 buildings we are renovating and had to have presentations ready to be shipped out on Wednesday. One of them we still had to re select fabrics for on Monday. We had to PDF furniture plans and... View full entry

  • Week 7

    By sspears5
    Jul 19, '15 6:48 PM EST

    This week, Amy was on vacation, so Lisa and I worked on getting a quote finalized for one of our clients.  I also worked on some renderings for one of our UT projects.  On Wednesday, the UT project manager, Tiffany, emailed with a request to spec some furnishings for different areas in the... View full entry

  • Week Seven at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jul 19, '15 3:58 PM EST

    Geneva FrankWeek’s SummaryOn Monday, I finished up the renderings for Littleton Adventist Hospital, and began renderings of some elevations of the lobby area highlighting the exterior walls of the chapel design. The objective is to provide drawings that the designers and architects can use to... View full entry

  • Week 7

    By awebb33
    Jul 17, '15 2:54 PM EST

    Week 7:  Client/staff interactions; assessment processes (post occupancy evaluations, productivity, square footage ratios); client typesDescribe how the staff and client interact.  What types of relationships are produced through this interaction and why are they important?  What types of... View full entry

  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 7

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 17, '15 9:12 AM EST

    WEEK'S SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES:This week was a full and busy week. Finishing up my seventh week at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. I have continued my usual tasks as well as do a few other things. Starting out this week, I typed up and mailed a thank you note that Kevin asked me to write to... View full entry

  • Week 4:

    By jeshedge
    Jul 13, '15 11:09 PM EST

    This week brought a slew of new opportunities. For starters, I started working on renderings for a client, which I did through CAP, and I began working on floor plans for a training room. The training room is very long and narrow, so I started looking for furniture that would fit and work well for... View full entry

  • Week 3:

    By jeshedge
    Jul 13, '15 11:05 PM EST

    This week I worked entirely at CBI, and had my very own paid day off on Friday. On Monday, I started on a window display for the TVA bank by Market Square that will advertise for a new Knoll chair. For this, I picked out fabrics and ordered them. In my down time when I have nothing specific to do... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod- Week 7

    By meggieherod
    Jul 13, '15 12:17 AM EST

    This week I did the typical duties, order samples on samples, call vendors to check stock, changed red lines in autocad, pull fabrics etc. I spent time making another furniture powerpoint, I had to save PDFs of the furniture plan, extent plan and RCP to add to the powerpoint. I had to order quite... View full entry

  • Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 8

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jul 12, '15 9:56 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:This week, I spent most of my time clearing out the materials library and getting some of the less active reps to participate more.  I am going to be taking everything we are getting rid of to Turnip Green Creative Reuse.  Later on in August, the rest of the excess will... View full entry

  • Week 6

    By sspears5
    Jul 12, '15 6:52 PM EST

    This week at NOI, we were busy preparing for the post NeoCon show that was held Thursday night at the UT Convention Center.  We planned out the contents of our booth, as well as a fun activity for visitors to our booth to participate in.  I actually came up with the game we ended up playing, as... View full entry

  • Week Six at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jul 12, '15 3:18 PM EST

    Geneva FrankWeek’s SummaryThis week I worked on a few projects. I picked up redlines and looked over drawings to make sure everything was correct for the project Lowry SNF. They were the construction documents that were being sent out on Wednesday to the contractor to be priced, after which the... View full entry

  • Erin McLevey • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. • New York, NY • Week 6

    Erin McLevey
    Jul 10, '15 9:32 AM EST

    WEEK'S SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES:This week I rescheduled the Partners Pick photo shoot for next Wednesday. I had to reach out to pet owners for the Pet Smart portion of the shoot to see if their dogs were available to come in. I was coordinating dates and schedules for the studios and photographers. I... View full entry

  • Week 6

    By awebb33
    Jul 6, '15 8:25 AM EST

    SESCO just deals with lighting so we have a lot of samples and literature that has to be kept up with. We do exchange out sample fixtures a lot with the manufacturer reps just because samples are expensive and it doesn't make sense to have one of every fixture. We have manufacturers that come in... View full entry

  • Meggie Herod- Week 6

    By meggieherod
    Jul 5, '15 11:52 PM EST

    Week SummaryThis week I did the usual tasks including; ordering fabrics and materials, choosing grout colors etc. I cut a lot of fabric to staple onto C.O.M. tags. Something interesting that the other intern Ali and I had to do was to order 3-5 memos of each fabric in each room being used for two... View full entry

  • Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 7

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jul 5, '15 11:10 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:This week I was assigned to clean out the materials library of discontinued products.  I spent most of the time contacting various representatives to come by and update our library.  I also called Turnip Green Creative Reuse to see if they could help us get rid of items... View full entry

  • Week Five at Boulder Associates

    By gfrank1
    Jul 5, '15 3:45 PM EST

    Week Five - Geneva FrankWeek’s Summary:This week I’m doing the similar tasks I’ve been doing the past few weeks: Helping various designers pick up redlines on several designs. It is interesting to learn what the typical setups and layouts are for different healthcare buildings, whether it is... View full entry

  • Week 5

    By sspears5
    Jul 5, '15 3:35 PM EST

    This week, we continued to work on several reconfiguration options.  We worked up the purchase orders for part of our Student Services order.  We’ve been in contact with Terri finalizing the order for the first wave of their design.  On Wednesday, we had a meeting with one of our contract... View full entry

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