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    Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week 7

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jul 5, '15 11:10 PM EST

    Week's Summary of Events:

    This week I was assigned to clean out the materials library of discontinued products.  I spent most of the time contacting various representatives to come by and update our library.  I also called Turnip Green Creative Reuse to see if they could help us get rid of items because Zero Landfill isn't until the end of August.  

    Week's Focus: Week 7:

    1.  The staff and client interact primarily over th phone.  There are meeting set up throughout the design process as well but phone and email are the most convenient for everyone's schedules.  These relationships are important to maintain for business and return business from the clients.  

    2.  FH Design keeps files on hand.  They do not follow up.  The client comes to them if they have any truble at any time.  Follow up depends on the nature of the projects and if the firm is trying to get other projects from the same client.

    3.  The main thing that each project teaches is time management for each segment of the project.  You learn something new from each project.

    4.  To assist clients in the future, FH Design keeps all the info from the project on hand in case the clients come to them for any questions. For example, I typed up a materials maintenance guide for the Subaru design that each location uses.  

    5.  There is no form of post occupany evaluations. 

    6.  FH Design always does a productivity assement.  They do surveys as part of space planning development.  The managers of the establishment answer the survey questions.  

    7.  The surveys cover the square footage information needed to design.  FH Design uses one general survey to find out how the establishment works.  

    8.  FH Design does branding design for companies.  Image Programs can be broken down by going to coorporate headquarters to the induvidual establishment (this all depending on whether it is healthcare, retail, hospitality, commercial, etc.).  

    Getting To Know Someone New:

    This week I got to know Anna better.  She is in chrage of graphics for FH Design and works a lot with Donna in the marketing department.  She has been moving for the past few weeks and suggest to plan more in advance when I have to move because she neglected to do so.  

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