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    Hannah Starnes, Week 3, McCarty Holsaple McCarty

    By hstarnes
    May 27, '16 9:26 AM EST


    In starting my third week, I feel as though I am finally developing a schedule and the whole 9-5/6 every day thing is becoming less and less depressing. Monday, I worked on a finish schedule for a middle school. This, surprisingly took me ALL day Monday, and nearly ALL day Tuesday. I learned so much about how tedious finish schedules can be after doing one for such a large scope. There are so many factors to think about even after you have designed the interior that I sometimes feel we might not touch on enough in school (simply for time’s sake). After I finally completed the schedule, I printed it, redlined it, made my corrections, and was very happy to be done afterwards. Wednesday morning, I started my day off by reviving an older project and looking through the Revit model to sort of asses what was already done and what needed to be done. Thursday morning I got here a little earlier than usual and had time to clean up the library shelves and organize some extraneous samples that have been hanging out. I worked some more on the office renovations here at McCarty and through this, really delved into learning/editing/making families in Revit. The rest of the day I worked on tidying up ends here and there as it was Natalie’s last day. Friday, I spent some time ordering fabrics and looking up a few things for some projects.



    In terms of supporting the interior design profession and advocating its legitimacy, MHM does a great job in supporting its interiors department. Barbara, the director of interiors is also involved in a lot of the politics behind the profession here in Tennessee in terms of getting bills passed, working with the state, etc. There are many different professions that MHM works with; from contractors to developers, to the entire array of engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical), product representatives, and lawyers, this field of work is one that requires true collaboration with professionals across the board with varied areas of expertise. Many people in the office are part of professional organizations like IIDA, AIA, USGBC, and CSI. Because so many people are involved in these organizations, and nearly everyone in the office is a registered architect/interior designer, they are required to keep CEUs so that their registration stays up to date. A lot of people in the office are involved with The Community Design Center here in Knoxville which basically means they give free hours to aid in design issues throughout the area. Annually, the office encourages initiatives to donate to United Way as well.


    meet someone new.

    Haley Zimmerman is an architecture intern here at MHM (not a summer intern). She graduated from UT in 2015 and since being at McCarty, has worked on several “big picture”/front end portions of projects. When she is not doing that, she is working on detail items that people need drawn in the office.  

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    • Tim Dolan

      It sounds like you're experiencing some realities of the real profession! No, we can't touch on everything in Design School. At best, it's a passing glance. I think we try to instill the big picture efforts and practices and know you'll pick up a considerable amount of knowledge and skill as you begin working full-time. This is why we stress the importance of those fist positions.


      Have a great week! 

      Jun 6, 16 9:06 am  · 

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