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    Meggie Herod- Week 5

    By meggieherod
    Jun 28, '15 11:25 PM EST

    This past week was a little different. I didn't have to open the mail or anything, I was told to let the other intern Ali do that because I had to focus on making a furniture powerpoint presentation. The presentation took me 3 1/2 days to fully make. It was about 200 slides and over 3 buildings. What I had to do was PDF the overall furniture plan of each building (1 or 2 floors each) along with a second slide showing the extent plan. I then had to zoom in on every room and PDF the furniture and the extent plan of just the individual rooms. Along with those slides I had to make slides of the pictures of furniture that was going in each space and a picture of the finish plan, which consisted of each fabric/material being used on the furniture. 


    This week I got to learn a little more about one of our head designers. Her name is Taylor Beach. Everyday she comes in with a smile and is always happy and bubbly. She has two young daughters. Taylor was in the same sorority as her mom was, at the same college and they lived in the same sorority house too. She went to the University of Kentucky and then after she graduated she got her interior design degree at O'more college of art. 


    Week's Focus


    Here at IDA we do have an in-house purchasing department. There are 3 main women who work with it and just hired another woman and an intern. They take care of everything that has to be purchased for the projects. After they calculate how much fabric/furniture/presentation boards etc. are going to be, they let the client know the price before going along with any of the purchasing. Any time we even order a large piece of fabric, we do it through purchasing so that they can write a P.O. for it. Everything is very organized into binders by the project names. 

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