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    Hannah Starnes, McCarty Holsaple McCarty, Week 6

    By hstarnes
    Jun 24, '16 4:18 PM EST


    These weeks keep flying by! Monday was my first day back after vacation, and although it was a little difficult to get back into the swing of things, I had a good bit of things to work on. Jeff, a principal of MHM, and I met about a space off of Gay Street where a Knoxville based company would be moving into. This was the first assignment where I pulled every finish for the project. It was rather challenging to start from the ground up to pull finishes that would please the client without letting my personal likes/dislikes get in the way. Tuesday, I finished gathering more finishes for the project and worked a little more on the new build I have been working on all summer. Tuesday night, myself and a couple of others from MHM played volleyball with some other firms around Knoxville. It was good to get out of the office and it was nice to see familiar faces from school, too. Wednesday, I presented the finishes to Jeff and Barbara that I had pulled. They were pleased with the selections and we made a few, small adjustments here and there. From then on, I ordered samples of the materials that were selected so that the client could use them, and I started to put together the finish schedule. Thursday, I started a finish schedule for another project. Turns out, it is actually very difficult to do finish schedules when you know very little about the project! Friday, I finished up some assignments with Jeff and worked on diagramming and floor plans for the remainder of the day.



    Designers here at MHM are kept up to date fairly often because representatives for manufactures frequent the office to either update the materials library or to do presentations for lunch and learns. Luckily, there are really strong relationships here between the manufacturers and the designers. The materials library here is very extensive; it nearly wraps the entire office. For the most part, representatives will come in and update their own lines and products, but if one of us were to come across a material that we know we would never use or is definitely outdated/discontinued it would definitely make its exit from the library. As for individual projects that are on-going, they each have their own basket that keeps their materials together so they do not get lost.  


    meet someone new.

    I worked a lot this week for Jeff Johnson. Jeff is a Principal and Executive Vice President of the company. He, too, attended the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design. Jeff is also licensed as both an Architect and Interior Designer in the state of Tennessee.

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