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    Tatum Rumsey | Nashville, TN | Feltus Hawkins Design | Week of June 15th

    Tatum Rumsey
    Jun 20, '15 6:00 PM EST

    Week’s Summary of Events:

    This week I scanned quotes and invoices to keep on file for furniture orders. I also made material trifolds for the John C. Tune Airport from the material sample I had previously ordered. This week there were multiple big clients coming in that we were pitching to so we needed to get the office as organized as possible and make sure there were boards of our work up all around. The office just got painted down stairs as well so there was a lot going on this week.

    Week’s Focus: Week 5:

    1.) The company participates in both inhouse purchasing department to purchase project goods and specifying itself and sends the specifications out for bidding and purchasing by an outside firm. It depends solely on what the client wants.

    2.) The project fees are determined on a margin basis. The margin is on top of what the cost of the furniture is. The margin is decided by Marjorie Feltus.

    3.) The project estimating and costs are handled by putting together a quote, and then that quote is sent to the client and if they decide yes then a security agreement is put together, then the security agreement is sent back from the client with 50% of the deposit check, FH Design places the order, the manufacturer sends expected dates, an installation package is sent and 80% of the deposit is paid, the installation happens and the 20% remaining is paid.

    4.) A project budget is managed by coming up with a budget at the beginning of a project with a limited spending amount, the budget is approved by the client, the designer chooses items based off the agreed upon budget, the stuff is sent to the client for approval, everything is then purchased, and part of the budget was initially separated for the accessories and miscellaneous items that are less important (basically the leftover budget).

    5.) FH Design budgets three different ways

    a. Contract – 1 agreed amount

    b. Hourly – whoever is how much per hour and there is an hour limit decided on by the

    client and their budget

    c. Margin – the margin is added on top of the furniture 

    Getting To Know Someone New: 

    This week I got to know Donna better. She is a bit new and has been recently hired to be in charge of FH Design’s marketing department. She works a lot with the graphic department. Donna likes my work bag and always threatens to take it. She is nice and has cute pants.

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