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    Meggie Herod- Week 7

    By meggieherod
    Jul 13, '15 12:17 AM EST

    This week I did the typical duties, order samples on samples, call vendors to check stock, changed red lines in autocad, pull fabrics etc. I spent time making another furniture powerpoint, I had to save PDFs of the furniture plan, extent plan and RCP to add to the powerpoint. I had to order quite a few fabrics in 1 yard or 1/2 yard sizes because we are going to make a presentation board for a project called Ritz. 


    Getting to Know Someone New:

    So this week I want to talk about a company that came to our work to show us their products. The company started in Nashville and is called Legacy Building LLC. About 3 times a week we have vendors/companies come to our office to show us their products so we can stay up to date with what is current and see new things. This company came this past week in hopes that we will use them in projects in the future. They are a business who uses reclaimed wood to make furniture/decorations. They are awesome! The man who started it used to be a preacher but now does this full time. He will take in workers who are in desperate need of jobs, people who have just been released from prison and need a fresh start etc. And they have just pitched a short video to someone in L.A. to see if they want to make a T.V. show about them! You can look them up on Instagram as " BlakeBergstrom".


    Week 7 Focus:

    Our staff and clients interact through a few ways including meetings (at either location), email, phone calls, conference calls etc. Our staff gets to know the clients very well throughout the process, especially during site trips to the location of the project. This is important so that there can be clear understanding from both sides, so that the client can trust our company, and so that they can be at ease through the whole process. 

    After a project is finished our designers will have walk throughs to ensure everything looks right, is in the right place, is to code etc. We keep a plastic box in our storage filled with all or most of the samples used in the project so that in case anything happens to the materials or furniture we will have access to the actual samples on hand. We also keep binder folders of everything used. This helps with the purchasing process as well as keeping everything on file that has been used. 

    Every designer learns from experience. They will see what kind of furniture pieces/materials will work best and look the best together. If there has ever been anything to go wrong, they will know what not to do next time. 

    Our staff knows how to design areas to last for years to come. They like to use new ideas and materials that will be fresh but timeless. They have a universal style because they focus on senior living which can be a mix of people such as memory care patients, assisted living, and independent living. 

    When a project is completed our designers do walk throughs of the buildings to ensure everything is to code. 

    IDA focuses on senior living, so it is residential as well as commercial and has a work place environment for the staff who cares for any patients. Every floor plan that I have seen has had an area for a staff break room. Some have staff locker rooms, laundry rooms etc. There are spas and salons. Some larger buildings will have pools, media rooms, game rooms, gyms, etc. 

    Square footage ratio- We have to follow ADA guidelines which will have certain dimensions we have to meet. For example hallways have to be a certain width and everything has to meet code for wheel chair accessibility. 

    Again, IDA focuses on senior living facilities which is a mix of residential and commercial. There has to have bedrooms for different types of people living there, memory care, assisted living and independent living, but there also has to have commercial kitchens for cooks, janitors, nurses, etc. 

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