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    Week 1, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    May 18, '16 3:37 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activities

    It is my first week working at my internship with Ballard Design Group and I've already been able to tremendously expand my knowledge about the firm dynamics here.  My first day was spent training and observing other members' work at the firm.  I was immediately welcomed into the office, where I was introduced to everyone and given a tour of the building. 

    During the week, I completed tasks such as filing in the materials library, revising Autocad drawings, and going to two different "Lunch and Learns" with my coworkers.  My favorite part of the week was when a rep. came in and showed us the new products from Filz Felt.  I was really impressed with the multitude of capabilities that could be produced from the felt material as flooring, wall, and ceiling installations.  The company utilizes strategies with a laser cutter and CNC machine to implement diversity and innovation with their products.

    I also got to look at a handmade Afghan rug, selected for one of the clients.  This authentic floor covering was found in a consignment store, in which it costs more than my car (and that was just the consignment price).  Somehow I was still enticed by this ostentatious masterpiece, and even thought about ways to purchase the shaggy little mat.  Below is a photo of the beauty.

    2. Week's focus

    Ballard Design Group is a limited partnership, shared by two owners.  The firm is only three years old, and consists of 7 employees.  Below is a diagram showing the hierarchical structure of the firm, starting from the top.  It consists of two partners, a senior designer, a junior designer, an administrative assistant, and an intern (me).

    3. Getting to know someone new.

    In my first week, I was already being exposed to many new people.  One of the reps, Katie, is a good friend of the firm, and comes in almost weekly to check up on things and bring in the latest products from Eykon. She has a very vibrant and loquacious personality (which works in her favor when making connections for her product line). She jokingly told me that she was going to scare all the interns away... and that's when I knew we would get along well together.

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