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    Week 7

    By awebb33
    Jul 17, '15 2:54 PM EST

    Week 7:  Client/staff interactions; assessment processes (post occupancy evaluations, productivity, square footage ratios); client types

    • Describe how the staff and client interact.  What types of relationships are produced through this interaction and why are they important? 
    • What types of assessment processes does the company have in place to monitor projects that have already been completed? 
    • How do the designers learn from their projects – what to do better in the future? 
    • How does the company assist the client in making future updates when change is needed? 
    • Is there any form of post occupancy evaluations? 
    • If the company is involved in workplace design, do they offer any type of productivity assessment for their clients?  

    SESCO builds a very strong relationship with their clients. We are constantly taking coffee, going to lunch, doing lunch and learns, happy hours. 

    You never stop learning at SESCO because not every project is the same. 

    We are always their to assist our clients because we want repeat. We want our clients to always come to us for the lighting used in their projects. 

    We are always fixing problems if there is any and have no problem doing it. We want a great design every time and the lighting truly makes or breaks a design. 

    We do a lot of studies for our clients and options before the last decisions. So we are in a lot of meetings with the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor. We are assisting in the design as well as giving them the best product within the projects budget. 

    Lighting is constantly changing, so of course right now we are always pushing our clients to update everything up to an LED lamp since it is more efficient and there isn't as must maintenance required after it is installed. 

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