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    Week 8 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Aug 14, '16 9:38 PM EST

    Summary –

    This week I was able to help design workstations for a large new build office. This was cool because it was a big project and I did most of the work from the beginning to the end. This included drawing the workstations in CAD and then transferring them to a worksheet for pricing using CAP. This project took most of the week. I also learned how to order COM (Customers Own Material) memos so the furniture vendor can test the COM to make sure it will work for the product.


    Focus –

    CBI uses mainly CAD plans and Visual Impressions renders to communicate design ideas to the clients. Visual Impressions is a rendering software that works with CAD/CAP that renders any furniture that is placed into the plan in CAD. Everything is linked so it’s a really easy program to work with. In this program you can chose your finishes and upholstery options and it automatically prices it out for you. We layout the content of the project all in a proposal folder in a universal format that all clients can read easily. This is what we give all clients that communicates the products and pricing CBI has chosen for the project, along with our terms and conditions. For marketing presentations and for all printed documents like solution pages which are included in all proposal binders, the company uses PowerPoint with a master layout. This makes it easy for everything to have consistency and you can just plug and chug information into the layout.


    Meet –

    Tiffany Goolesby. She is our Knoll representative for Tennessee. She handles all the Knoll contract dealers in her region. She has a lot on her plate. Knoll is always good at keeping everything up to date for their dealers including updating the library and updating the team at CBI Knoxville on all Knoll products. Knoll is also known to sponsor a lot of nonprofit events including an event called CornKnoll that Knoll sponsors every year alongside CBI to raise money for a nonprofit organization. She has been really great at welcoming me and making me feel like part of the team at CBI. Plus, I have gotten a lot of Knoll swag from her.


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