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    Meggie Herod Week 4

    By meggieherod
    Jun 21, '15 11:55 PM EST

    Week Summary

    This past week I did my usual duties, ordering samples, pulling fabrics, tiles etc. for designers to choose from. One new thing I did was update a submittal log for one of the designers. I had to go in to AutoCad to look at the finish schedule and organize it in an excel sheet. This excel sheet will be used by the designers and contractors so that everyone is on the same page as to what type of material goes where in the project. 

    Meeting Someone New

    This week I will talk about a designer named Morgan. She was one of the two girls who interviewed me for the internship. I only got to spend a short amount of time with her because this was her last week working here at IDA. She has moved jobs to another firm in Nashville but said she is going to be sad leaving everyone because it is a great team here. 


    Week Focus

    IDA specializes in senior living care. By having so many jobs throughout the country they advertise themselves by the great work they do. 99% of the jobs they do are out of state and are senior living facilities. They have also done some hospitality as well. This is the link to their website, everything on here is accurate but I believe more pictures of recently completed projects need to be added.

    We have someone in house that does all of our accounting and the woman who does it is named Sarah. It is all very organized. Anytime I open the mail and we have been charged for an overnight package etc. I am supposed to save the shipping label so she can have proof and confirmation of it. When we have to use boxes, bubble wrap, or tape to ship clients anything, or plastic bins to store materials, we have an excel sheet on the server that everyone has access to so that we can go on it and log in how much of the materials were used to charge them. When we send anything to the printer to be printed a box pops up on the computer to type in a password, each project has their own password number and that sends notifications of how much ink and paper are having to be used on the project and we will charge the client. 

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