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    Week 6, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Jul 24, '16 9:27 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activities


    I worked on two major projects this week.  The first was a hotel property from Hilton Garden Inn that needed renovation.  I revised the tile pattern on the floor and started making millwork elevations and details of important public spaces.  Most of the task was mindless work, so it was almost a meditating exercise of drawing things in and making sure details are correct.  The second was a therapy center that was looking to expand their building, and wanted preliminary plans for a proposal on the augmentation.  My boss had previously drawn some sketches of her plan for the revision, so my job was to transfer the idea to a technical drawing.  The proposal for the new addition was to mirror the current plan, then make a few changes as necessary.  This would essentially double the size of the owner's space for her business.  The owner loved the idea and is now looking forward to starting construction as soon as everything has been finalized!

    2. Week's focus

    The firm has regular visits from product representatives to keep their resources up-to-date with the newest trends.  They also strive to maintain  close relationships with them in order to keep their service and make communication easier.  Generally, product representatives are also responsible for their own materials, and update their information in the material library as necessary.  The firm also invests in several magazine subscriptions that provide information on the latest research in design in order to continually grow their knowledge base on different subjects.  

    3. Meet someone new

    Dwane Dishner is a very close friend of the firm.  He comes in pretty regularly and has some product lines that are represented by our firm.  He has known my boss, Susan, since college, where the two of them graduated from The University of Tennessee together, in interior design.  He has done various types of work in the industry, but currently, he is mostly working on residential properties from all around the Knoxville area.

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