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    Week 7, Patsy Terry

    By pterry3
    Aug 6, '16 4:37 PM EST

    1. Week's summary of activities

    Lately, I’ve been very busy completing projects; a therapy center, two separate hotels, as well as consulting with representatives from various companies.  One project in particular, Kramer Therapy Center, was especially challenging due to my lack of experience designing an accommodation for this type of space.  Most of my projects are focused on hotel design, so switching venues to a therapy center required transition in thought.  Taking time to learn about the programmatic functions of a therapy center and the types of clientele services that are provided really helped me understand how I can design a better space to suit the specific needs of the healing environment.  


    2. Week's focus

    At Ballard Design Group, our main source of business occurs with clients we have previously worked for, as repeat customers of the firm.  We mostly receive new jobs on a referral basis, so it is crucial for us to build strong, reliable relationships with the clients in order to gain their trust.  In order for us to accomplish this, we are instructed to follow certain disciplines, such as: always being honest with the client, meeting our current deadlines, making ourselves available as much as possible, and exceeding clients’ expectations.  After a project is completed, members of the firm schedule a visit to look at the final results, and initiate critical conversation about what was accomplished and what was lacking from our design, as well as evaluating the suppliers and product representatives that took part in the process.  We also meet with the clients afterwards to get feedback on their part, and take check-ups on the sustainability of the used products.  Typically, our clients are investors in a hotel franchise or the department heads of banks or healthcare institutions.

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