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    Week 7 - CBI - Rachel Mingle

    By rmingle1
    Aug 7, '16 10:36 PM EST


    This week I had the opportunity to lay out preliminary solutions for a project that has not even started construction yet. This was fun because I was able to let my creativity come through a little and come up with some furniture solutions I thought would work best for the project. I also had to interpret a CAD plan for an office renovation that had barely any dimensions and then had to place furniture, which took me a whole day. On Wednesday, one of our vendors came for an update on all the new products he represents. Friday, I started on a new build bank project so I had to draw, specify, and price out all the furniture.



    Client interaction is one of the most important things at CBI. Whether it be the end user, or the interior designer, it is very important that CBI makes the right connection with the client and finds out exactly what their needs are. This helps the furniture selection process go a lot smoother. CBI continues checking up on all projects even after substantial completion. Our sales manager will check up right after a project is completed to see how the client is enjoying the furniture and to see if there is anything that needs to be replaced or fixed. The sales manager also does checkups with past clients after a year or so just to see if there is anything else CBI can do for them. CBI also leaves evaluation cards for the end users, especially if workstations are installed, for any comments about the furniture/installation that can be improved or changed.




    Meet Jes! She is a recent UT graduate and interned at CBI last summer. She is now an associate in training with CBI to become a project manager. She has been such a help during my internship, as she was in my place last summer. I have learned a lot from her and I also got to train alongside her during my internship. This made me feel more like an associate rather than an intern.


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