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    Week 7: CBI

    By jeshedge
    Aug 10, '15 12:41 AM EST

    This week, in the world of furniture, I was able to work on a response to a bid. This took up my entire week. My job on this project was to create specification pages for all of the furniture. These specifications included lead times, warranties, finish options, and basic characteristics. During this process, I learned a lot about manufacturing, and the processes of ordering products, as well as working with vendors. Friday, I finished these specifications, and everything was finished. It was fantastic to be able to see a finished packet that I had done most of the work on.


    Staff and client interactions differ for each instance. For some clients, they may work completely with the design firm and have no interaction, and for other clients, they may have no go between at all. During installs, the staff works directly with the installers to ensure that everything lives up to the client’s expectations. Sometimes, this means correcting manufacturing errors in a timely and organized way, and other times it just means that the installers know what pieces are needed for each assembly. At the end of an install, a walkthrough, or punch, is done to see what needs to be fixed and such. These can be done with the installers and the client, or just the installers. Within the bigger picture of the business, is the staff that works to build relationships within the community. These relationships can pull in clients, whether directly or indirectly. 

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