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    Meggie Herod - Week 8

    By meggieherod
    Jul 20, '15 12:10 AM EST





    Week summary. 

    Typical duties. This week we were in a huge rush for a presentation. There were 3 buildings we are renovating and had to have presentations ready to be shipped out on Wednesday. One of them we still had to re select fabrics for on Monday. We had to PDF furniture plans and make presentations for all 3. Ali and I had to take physical samples and lay them out nicely by their rooms and take pictures of them to be inserted into their PowerPoint presentations. This took a ton of time. We then had to label each fabrics/tile/wood etc by what it was. Example "front lobby lounge chair upholstery". We scanned all the materials in with their labels so we had record of it. Then we boxed up each project by putting the labeled materials in labeled folders and bubble wrapped in large boxes to ship. The presentation and the materials had to match precisely because the clients were going to look at the materials while having a phone conference. 

     Getting to know someone new:

    Rachel is the girl I am speaking about this week because she was in charge of this large project I worked on this week. She is an assistant designer at IDA but has so many responsibilities. She flew out for one day to Little Rock to meet with clients this week. She is from Missouri. She did her internship here at IDA but left at some point because she was offered a deigner position. When IDA had an opening they called her and asked her to return so she did. She is married to a man who plays guitar in a popular country band. And they are expecting a baby girl!


    week focus. 

    IDA has many techniques for presentations. As stated in my week summary above, I focused mainly on a design presentation this week. It was a "go to" meeting which means they will have a conference call with the client and together go through a PowerPoint of the future project. Another way they present to clients is buy large samples of the materials being used and we will box them up to be shipped, the designer will fly out to them and present to them each material and fabric being used. 

    At IDA we try to keep everything uniform. Our PowerPoint presentations all have the same format/font/background/logo to be consistent. The project changes along the way only by adding to it. Adding materials/fabric, if the clients want a different fabric we will change it for them so their needs are met. 

    The programs we use most here are AutoCad and PowerPoint. Everything is made on AutoCad including floor plans, finish schedule, RCP, elevations etc. and they are all consisted and similar to every project. We name the layers by certain names to be easier for us to look for whatever we are working on. For example, every finish schedule is labeled "4.1 Finish schedule". We do not do many renderings. I have not seen one done this entire semester. I asked a designer about it and she said if a client wants one we will ship it out to be done by someone else's programs. We also use Excel to keep things organized for each project. 

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    • Do you mean "go through" meeting? Why would it be "go to" if they aren't meeting in person and/or why not "through" if they are going "through a PowerPoint of the future project"?

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